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Thousands of SkinB5 customers from all around the world have experienced brilliant results with our revolutionary Natural Acne Treatment. SkinB5 may work for you too!


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REAL Success Story submitted by Ash Pendergast,Personal Trainer and Athlete, Queensland, Australia




REAL Success Story submitted by Luis Barnett, Queensland, Australia




REAL Success Story submitted by Renee, Australia






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Authentic Testimonials

Below is just a small sample of success stories, we have a lot more success stories in our archive!



Natural Acne Product Reviews - Before SkinB5Natural Acne Product Reviews - After SkinB5
 “I was given samples of it then at the end of the week, she checked my skin, and it had an effect already. “

Luisa Reodique – Philippines


“I bought the Acne Control Caplets in the beauty exhibition a few weeks ago in Hong Kong. I found that it works for me.”

Carmen Lam – Hong Kong


“About 6 months ago I started getting adult acne, it was getting me self conscious and they were starting to hurt and make me cry as i squeezed them... i went to a doctor and he was going to prescribe me medication for a year and i thought eff that...

One night I was looking for a dermalogical  place and Skinb5 came up... checked out the website and what sold me was the feedback from everyone..

I was excited with the results!!! So your product range is now my daily use, Tablets as well.... and just to let you know, that 5 min face mask is excellent as well!!!

Visible results I could not believe it!!! 

However you came up with the product, u are a legend!!! And I love the combination of folate, zinc and all the other goodie vitamins in the Extra Strength Tablets.... they are good value!!!

so Thankyou.... Very Much!!!"

Jess O’Hara – Victoria, Australia


“I am a loyal customer and I really like your products!”
Sabrina Asano –Singapore


“Once again, Thank You for giving us a wonderful product.”

Kate Tolentino


“By taking SkinB5, my skin is getting brighter and more clean. I have been suffering from stubborn acne. SkinB5 helps my skin to be stronger and healthier.”

Yohan Kwak – South Korea


“I have been suffering from pimples due to stress and lack of sleep for 5 months, then I started taking SkinB5 Acne Control Extra Strength Tablets for 4months, it has drastically reduced the redness and pimples on my face. Needless to say, SkinB5 made my skin beautiful inside out. Thank you SkinB5!   :)”

Pearly Teng – Philippines

“I'm Monette Anne C. Yanga,, 32yrs. old from Philippines. I've been suffering acne for almost 8yrs... my new xxxxxxxxxxxxx recommended SkinB5 to me. It's my 3rd day of taking the SkinB5 Acne Control Capsules and notice that see my face is less oily, after just 3 days.
I am most thankful to you all!!! I still have few pimples on face and scars, but after continued use of the SkinB5 Acne Control Capsules it's getting much better and clearer than before. I'll keep you posted on the development of treating my acne with Skinb5. God Bless!!!”

Monette Anne C. Yanga,, 32yrs. old – Philippines


“I love your product. I have tried many and this is the only one that seems to work.”

Téa Hamild – New South Wales, Australia


“Thank you very much SkinB5! Ever since I was in my early teens, I suffered a bad case of acne. I had acne on my face, neck, shoulders and back. It was quite embarrassing and as a result I would not go out, especially during summer with my skin exposed. I have probably spent more than a thousand dollars, on countless leading branded treatments. I have tried nearly all the products available to help clear my acne, yet none have improved my skin. However, after using SkinB5 for only two months I have noticed a visible change. My skin is less oily, smooth, practically clear and looks great. I would just like to say thank you once again. I will continue use SkinB5 as it is an effective product!
I purchased more of the wonderful SkinB5 skincare range. I am very happy to be fortunate in using the fantastic products, knowing they are natural and work! Because of this I have recommended the skincare range to my family.”

Anonymous – Australia


"Hello! I have never been happier! Never in my adult life I had the great skin that I have now, after using SkinB5 for a few months! Your product is really great. Thank you for sharing it with people who really need it."

Jenna – South Africa


“What do I LOVE most about SkinB5?
1, Its the only product that I have had an improvement with, out of all the treatments my xxxxxx has given me (my xxxxxx was even satifiy with the results of skinB5).
2, Customer Service is great with emails/questions answered within hours (week days).
3, Fast delivery times (I live in NSW Australia, and in most cases have my products within 2-5 Business days form ordering.”
Robbie Widdrington – New South Wales, Australia


“SkinB5 is revolutionary. No more red blotchy sores on face.. Thank u so much SkinB5!!!!!”
Jessica Ohara – Victoria, Australia


“SkinB5 really worked for me! Thank you very much!”
Jeandri Hertzog – South Africa


“This is my third purchase and I've been very satisfied with SkinB5 products. “
Hyeonju You – New South Wales, Australia


“Thank you. Awesome customer service.”
Khea Pollard – California, USA


“I have been using SkinB5 acne treatment products for 2. I have greatly benefited from taking SkinB5. Many thanks.”
Melinda Chua – Philippines


“Thank you for a wonderful product. We cannot believe the difference since taking the tablets. The scarring is much less, the breakouts almost non-existent and when it does happen, not nearly as severe as before she started taking the tablets. This is the only thing that has worked for her since she started with acne 5 years ago.”
Rista Botha – Australia


“Good day! When I had a facial treatment last week, they used SkinB5 purifying mask on me and I noticed the improvement right away.”
Haidee Cortez – Manila, Philippines


“I love that you are targeting acne prone skin, your products actually work and are really effective, the fresh smell of your mask, and I would love the chance to try more from your range, with your help I feel lots more confident looking in the mirror x”
Gaynor Hill – Lancashire, England (UK)


“My daughter has acne and as it works on her so others will want it!”
Mary Kay – Illinois, USA

"Thank you very much SkinB5! Ever since I was in my early teens, I suffered a severe case of acne. I had acne on my face, neck, shoulders and back. It was quite embarrassing and as a result I would not go out, especially during summer with my skin exposed. I have probably spent more than a thousand dollars, on countless leading branded treatments. I have tried nearly all the products available to help clear my acne, yet none have improved my skin. However, after using SkinB5 for only two months I have noticed a significant change. My skin is less oily, smooth, practically clear and looks great. I would just like to say thank you once again. I will continue use SkinB5 as it is definitely the only product that helped me!" 

Anonymous – Australia

"I am a long time acne sufferer and have tried almost every product on the market including treatment from doctors. SkinB5 has provided me a long term option and has been the only product that has proven to clear my acne almost completely, naturally."
Julie Blair – Massachusetts, United States

"Thank You SkinB5!

After trying so many products on the market and along with this spending hundreds of dollars, finally a product that worked for me - SkinB5.

You have nothing to lose just give it a go - be patient, you will start to see results in as little as a couple of weeks (even sooner) and from then on things get even better stick with it you too might be surprised with the results, clear skin.

My suggestion start with the "Acne Control Extra Strength Control Pack" all the products in the pack are excellent and they made my skin look and feel wonderful !!

I have just ordered the next stage "Acne Control Capsules" to maintain my new looking skin all this in under 2 months.

Thanks again SkinB5!"
Lisa – Australia


"I just wanted to share my story with you.


For years, I had picture perfect skin. Throughout puberty, I never once experienced a pimple. When I turned 23, it started. For 3 years since, I suffered from the worst acne. My face erupted for reasons which I couldn't understand, with acne pumps appearing and lasting for weeks.


I tried many different products, but nothing seemed to work for me. My acne was terrible and I had very low self esteem.

I have been on SkinB5 now for almost 4 weeks, and my skin is now completely clear and my skin is no longer oily. I have not even had the "occasional pimple" or the "occasional breakout". Even at times of hormonal changes I am still perfectly clear.

SkinB5 has worked fantastically for me. The cleanser is beautiful and has never dried my skin and the moisturiser is like none of I have used before. After 4 weeks of using the regime, I can only imagine what the next 4 will be like.


My skin is so clear and feels so unclogged from underneath.


I find myself doing things which I haven't done in a long time - going out with friends again, posing in photographs and attending job interviews again. And amazingly so, I am beginning a new job in 2 weeks time and I can't wait. I will not be hiding my chin with my hands anymore. Instead, I am feeling confident in meeting new people.


I am spreading the word to friends about SkinB5, and my mum is constantly telling her friends about what I am using as everyone is asking.


Internally, nothing shows but externally people are seeing my results, and the new me."

P. George - Melbourne, Australia


“I purchased the Acne Control Extra Strength Tablets and I'm on my second day of using them and already my skin don't feel as oily! The postage was super fast as well.
Thank you and I look forward to trying more of your products.”
Robbie Widdrington New South Wales, Australia


“SkinB5 helped to improve my skin. Having had teenage and then adult acne and after using a plethora of products, I was ready to try something new. After 6 weeks of Skin B5 use, my skin was completely clear of the angry acne and whiteheads that used to plague me. My self-confidence returned and I now feel good in social situations. When I was married recently, Skin B5 was the only beauty routine I trusted in the lead up, to make my skin look beautiful on my wedding day. Even through all the stress in the weeks before, my skin looked perfect and clear and I was so happy.”
Caroline Germany


“I started breaking out in my 20s and I had no idea how to deal with it. I tried everything and anything but, in my case, nothing seemed to help my skin. I was desperate to get rid of my acne because I went from having perfect skin to painful acne and embedded blackheads. I had no idea how to deal with the changes in my skin.
I got introduced to SkinB5 by a girlfriend who has been using it for a while. She has good skin so I would have tried anything she suggested.


Three weeks after I started taking the tablets, my skin got clearer. I had fewer embedded blackheads/whiteheads. My skin was less clogged up and the inflammed acne was a lot less. It’s been a while since I’ve started taking SkinB5. I wear a lot less makeup and I’m really happy about how my skin looks now.”
Suwathi Singapore


“I purchased the extra strength time release tablets a month ago. My results have been impressive! I have battled with inflammed acne, whiteheads, black heads and oily skin for 10 years. My skin just keeps improving. After just 3 weeks of taking the tablets my skin is almost clear and i have no more painful acne or whiteheads. Keep up the good work. It’s a great product.”
Lisa Hannaford – NSW, Australia


“It's embarrassing to say, but I had taken ste[xxxxx] for a couple of months and acne broke out badly on my back and shoulder. I freaked out and after searching online for a cure, I heard of SkinB5. In 3 weeks, my back and shoulders were acne free! Thanks SkinB5 for this great product. I told all my friends from the gym about it and they were similarly impressed with the great results!”
Anonymous Body Builder – USA


“First off, I want to let you know I love SkinB5 because I have found it easy to use and it works for me. Also, I have had great service with SkinB5 in the past. I received my order quickly, your website provides a lot of information on your product, and your customer service has responded quickly and politely to my questions.”
Kyle – USA


“I am an acne sufferer and like most of us we have tried everything and will try anything to cure it. I have tried many products but none seemed to be working for me.


I started taking skinB5 just under 4 weeks ago. Already my skin feels smoother and looks great! I was happily surprised at how quick the results were. I can now wake up feeling confident without having to worry if my skin has broken out overnight.


I wish I had found SkinB5 years ago! I will use SkinB5 forever!”
Monique Poulsen Western Australia


“My 14 year old daughter has suffered with skin problems for over 4 years and we have tried many different products but without much success. Last year I carried out some research on the internet and I came across the SkinB5 website and read about the products and the ingredients that are used. I was particularly attracted to the ‘Acne Control Capsules’ as I firmly believe that skin problems are best treated from the inside rather than going for a quick fix.


After around 4 weeks of taking the Capsules combined with the Acne Control Cleanser, we started to notice a difference in my daughter’s skin. She is getting barely any new breakouts of spots and the existing ones are gradually disappearing with her overall complexion looking much nicer; she is feeling motivated to continue with the products as they are actually having a positive effect! I am delighted to have discovered the SkinB5 products as I feel it is very important for my daughter to feel confident about herself, but from a mother’s perspective, I want her to be using natural products. My younger daughter (13) is now also taking SkinB5 and with the same great results! Thank you!”
Sandra Rowley Albany, Western Australia


"I have just finished the second set of control tablets and I thought I would send you an email with some before and after photos to show you the results I have had. My acne is clearing and the scars are slowly healing (the photos will speak for themselves). I can't thank you enough, this treatment has helped my skin and, as a result, self-confidence!"
Jack Bourke Melbourne, Australia


“My 23 year old daughter who has tried many treatments for acne over the past 7-8 years, with very limited results. In just 2 weeks of using SkinB5 she had a great improvement. She has had no further outbreaks along her jaw line and the existing spots have reduced significantly and the swelling/redness subsided. Her arms have also cleared up.”
Jennifer Taylor Western Australia


"I cannot thank you enough. My acne has improved in just 2 weeks! Keep up with the good work!"
Anonymous Philippines


“My mom has a skin specialist friend and she suggested I take SkinB5. After using it for just one month, I saw a big improvement. I'm really thankful that there's SkinB5.”
Kym Golla – Bakersfield USA


"SkinB5 has been a helpful product for me to use, and I am so glad that I finally discovered it! I have been using it for 10 months now and have found it to be very effective and reassuringly healthy. It took about 12-15 weeks to really kick-in for me, as I was mainly using the tablets, and there was a significant reduction in the sebaceous gland activity within my skin. To be honest, I experience an over-production of sebum, and that combined with inherently large and open pored-skin can lead to all sorts of trouble with acne in all forms.


For anyone with acne, who feels that they require something that will "work while you work", SkinB5 is your answer. It's simple, it does what it claims to do!"
Josiah Bradshaw Melbourne, Australia


“I have been using SkinB5 products for almost 2 years now. I have a sensitive, oily and acne-prone skin. But through continuous use of your product, my skin becomes less oily, looks a lot healthier and clear from acne, gradually. A lot of people are noticing the good effect on my skin and they kept on asking me what product I'm using. I have introduced your product to my family, friends, colleagues and some acquaintances.”
Eunice De Jesus Philippines


“The tablets work very well! I recommend them to all my friends/basically anyone who has skin issues. I tried numerous things and absolutely nothing else seemed to work in my case. A friend of mine mentioned that he was using SkinB5 Tablets and that they were working for him, so I gave them a go. My skin cleared up really quickly and has stayed pretty clear ever since. Thanks heaps!”
Brian Fear New South Wales, Australia


“Hi I'm writing to tell you how happy I am after 2 months on your control tablets. I have to admit I was skeptical at first as I have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the last ten years on acne products and treatments that have not improved my condition. In the last year I've endured a reoccurrence of my acne and decided to try skinB5 and after 2 months my acne has completely cleared...!!!”
Heath Jones New South Wales, Australia


“I have been fighting pimples since I was 20, kind of a late age to have acne, I know it is related to something inside my body but I have never found the real cause of it.


After having seen many skin specialist (at least 5 different ones in a period of 6 years), who, to solve the problem, advised me to take a variety of medications. I have tried many natural cures but the problem of acne was unresolved.


Then, by chance while staying in Australia for studies I found in pharmacy of natural product, SkinB5, and, as I tried many different things I thought I might try one more. In less than a month I got back my skin like when I had not yet pimples.

With SkinB5 I finally found a natural way of helping this problem!"
Elsa Cadro, Switzerland


“I am seeing real results.”
Maria Gadea – Florida, USA


“To be honest I was very skeptical at the start, I thought this would be just another scam, but I was totally wrong. I used SkinB5 and after a few weeks, my skin had really cleared up. I would recommend SkinB5 to everyone, please try it.”
Steve Gerson – Houston USA


“Your product is so helpful. I could not be happier with the results! Thanks SkinB5.”
Gina Haase – Melbourne Australia


“I would just like to say that Skinb5 is the best acne treatment I have ever tried. I have used almost every acne product over the last 6 years but nothing was as good as SkinB5. I used to get big acne pumps on my neck and back really bad, but now I don’t get any and I have only been using SkinB5 for 3 weeks.”
Jonathan Tennant – Antrim UK


“I lived with embarrassing acne for 7 years. Within 3 weeks of using the SkinB5 formula my acne had completely cleared.”
Nick Bell – SkinB5 Co-founder


“With SkinB5 my skin is visibly improving. My skin started to clear up in two weeks! SkinB5 has really helped me. Thank you." 

Jo – Melbourne Australia


“SkinB5 keeps my oily skin under control, without drying it!”
Arfa – Hong Kong


“I looked everywhere for a natural acne supplement and there is literally none available. Thank you for introducing me to SkinB5 because my acne is now hardly noticeable! I look and feel like a brand new person!”
Viv – Utah, USA


“I had acne for far too long. Still cannot believe SkinB5 actually cleared my face!”
Jackie – Miami, USA


“5 long years of acne, but now my face is clear and the breakouts have stopped. Wish I’d had it then!!!”
Steve – Perth, Australia


“Simply Excellent. Best treatment ever!”
Cathryn – Cape Town, South Africa


“SkinB5 is so good! My face is less oily, and I’m less stressed. Don’t hesitate in buying SkinB5, it’s a great product.”
Justin – Toronto, Canada


“In my 4th week of taking SkinB5, I’m impressed with the improvements. My face is less oily and my acne has cleared. I tried everything and nothing worked as well. Great stuff.”
Paul – Manchester, UK


“Just to say that I've been taking the B5 tablets for about 2 weeks now for my 'bacne' and they're really helping! Let's hope it continues! Thank you SkinB5”
Alison Coupe Australia


“I am almost finished my first bottle of skinB5 tablets and I'm loving the results!”
Leah Reid Australia


“I started using the product 2 weeks ago and it has basically cleared all my acne up except for a few stubborn spots.”
Sapna Patel


“It works so well for me and everyone thought I was nuts trying this product.”
Cindy Hodson Brisbane, Australia


“My name is Karen Maria Hauksdottir and I am a very happy costumer. My acne is all gone. I want to give the people in my country the same opportunity. Thanks again.”
Karen Maria Hauksdottir Reykjavik, Iceland


“I am so pleased with the results of your product, I can't believe how much better my skin looks and feels in such a short time! …. This is the only B5 I have found that is convenient and has Zinc, Vitamin A and Biotin...Great Combo!”
Elizabeth Davis New York, USA


"I learned about your products on the internet and my brother, who has suffered from stubborn acne, tried them for some months now, and it's been the only product that has work for him to keep his acne under control. We can't thank you enough for making this wonderful product!"
Cecilia Riosvelasco Mexico


“My teenage son has been using the tablets for 6 week, and his skin is improving ie less break outs of acne pustules. Skin is not too dry either and scars are fading... it has been a long struggle with the acne over couple of years at least.”
Lesley Cameron – Western Australia


“For at least 10 years now, I've had the wonderful pleasure of dealing with acne prone, genetically predisposed sensitive skin, and enough oil production to make even Exxon Mobil jealous. Over these years I have tried so many different methods of reducing oil production, washing my face, and just trying to keep my sebaceous activity under control. Hell, I should probably write a book about it. Regardless, even after all these years, I still hadn't come across my perfect facial cleanser, essentially a gentle, yet eradicating scrub that made me feel confident that I had actually cleaned my face. Enter SkinB5 Facial Cleanser.


For the first time in my never ending quest to find a product that worked for me, I've actually got a face wash that makes me feel good about myself. I can run my fingers down my forehead of cheeks and feel clean, refreshed, cleansed skin, and not the lumpy, rough textured sand-paper like surface from days of old. It's an excellent confidence booster alone, because you can go about your daily duties knowing that your pores are clean once again, until the next scrub-off of the day. Not only does it have Pantothenic Acid in it, which is a wonderfully helpful vitamin for overall health and energy, but the balance of the formulation really helps my skin. Plus, it's in a brilliantly sized pump-action bottle, that is easy to transport (just push down and screw back into place), and perfect in your shower to give your mug a scrub.


Thankfully, someone opened their brains and invented SkinB5, and for that, I thank that person!”
Josiah Bradshaw Melbourne, Australia


“I have been taking your Acne Control Extra Strength Tablets for a month now and your product has worked brilliantly for me! I will go into my experience a little later... I would love to post a review on your website (a bit short of time at the moment)! It was worked wonders on my skin and I am 47!!!!! I have recommended it to my 2 daughters who are also going to give it a go. I'm sure they won't be sorry!"

Anonymous Western Australia


 “At 41 years of age I've suffered with acne for over 20 years. In this time I have tried everything to cure it. From roaccutane, anti-biotic, contraceptive pill,  complete diet changes, supplements, apple cider vinegar, raw potato & every topical cream & face wash. I have spent thousands & thousands of dollars. A few years ago my acne progressed in to Cystic acne. I decided I had nothing to lose trying SkinB5 and to my great surprise my acne has lessened significantly. My acne was stubborn and it did take around 5 months for me to really notice a difference. I am delighted to say that SkinB5 really does work. It has changed my life. Thank you SkinB5.”

Natalie Carter – New Zealand


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