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Have you seen SkinB5 around lately?

Have you seen SkinB5 around lately?

Take another look, because SkinB5 products are expanding into health food stores and select dermatologist, general practitioner and professional skin clinics around the world. Of course we will still continue selling online, but you can now grab an emergency bottle of Extra Strength Tablets at a retailer near you within hours of that pimple popping up! SkinB5 is currently the most popular Vitamin B5 based acne supplement on the market, and is gaining endorsement among many doctors and dermatologists as their preferred treatment for all types of acne. “Imbalances within your body can cause you sebum glands to over produce oil which is a common cause of acne. To counteract this problem, SkinB5 has developed a highly advanced acne supplement which delivers key acne clearing nutrients to the body when needed,” states Dr. Alfonso Messieh, a leading medical practitioner and member of the Tasmanian Medical Board. “SkinB5 Acne Relief’s combination of essential B Vitamins, Vitamin A and Zinc work from within to reduce acne and prevent further breakouts.” Many of our customers have tried every acne treatment on the market including prescription drugs, chemical face peels, with minimal results, or unbearable side effects. They are often overjoyed and relieved to find SkinB5, an alternative internal acne treatment that REALLY works and has no side-effects. “We understand how much of an influence acne can have on the social and emotional aspects of someone’s life, and we want to send the message to acne sufferers in despair that you CAN get your life back!” says Judy, SkinB5’s creator and director. Not only is SkinB5 based on a 100% natural formulation that REALLY works, our products are all made in Australia and we are the only alternative Vitamin B5 based acne treatment that is approved by the Australian Government. We never test on animals, all of our products are vegetarian and the Tablets, Cleanser, Moisturiser and Mask are vegan too! So, go ahead pop a couple SkinB5 Tablets, or find some at your local health food store to try out! For a list of retailers near you, or if you are a skin professional interested in distributing SkinB5 contact us at

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