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SkinB5 announcing sponsorship and first time attendance at Australian Pharmaceutical Professional Conference and Trade Exhibition (APP) March 9 - 12 2017

Australian Global acne treatment company SkinB5 is moving further into the pharmaceutical industry, sponsoring the Australian Pharmaceutical Professional Conference and Trade Exhibition while attending it for the first time. The APP will take place from March 9 - 12 at the Gold Coast Exhibition Centre in Gold Coast, Queensland. The APP is a prestigious event highly regarded by a great range of experts, from the Australian pharmaceutical industry’s many famous faces to everyday community pharmacists. This year’s conference boasts 70 speakers including Chair of the Board of Canadian Pharmacists Association Alistair Bursey, Medicines Australia CEO Milton Catelin and comedian Adam Spencer. The APP brings together service providers, educators, government workers, students, the press and pharmacists from all corners of the industry, such as community stores and hospitals. The four-day conference sees industry speakers inform their audience about a range of topics, while a social program allows attendees to network over dinner. There is also a trade exhibition from Thursday night to Sunday morning, a marketplace of the latest and greatest pharmaceutical products and information about them. SkinB5 will be exhibiting their patented clear skin supplements and skincare products at stall number 72 in the Main Arena of the sold out exhibition floor. Additionally, SkinB5 is sponsoring the conference’s theatrette, a series of workshops and presentations by all manner of industry representatives. At the theatrette, SkinB5 will host its own educational talk titled “Treating Acne in a Nutritional Way”. This will explain why SkinB5’s approach to treating Acne from WITHIN is truly unique and the key ingredients chosen in the formulation. SkinB5 stands out among the APP’s usual sponsors for several reasons. While many generalised supplement companies sponsor the event, SkinB5 is the only company dedicated to acne control, naturally. Along with products such as supplement tablets, cleanser, moisturiser and an award-winning 5-Minute Skin Purifying Mask, SkinB5 gives its community constant advice on living in a healthy way, and how to clear skin is a reflection of the state of your inner health. It does this through online networks such as blogs and social media, a forum that most companies use purely for advertising. The company declares in its slogan, “Fight acne where it starts, from WITHIN.” This has been the dedicated SkinB5 brand focus since the company began over a decade ago. SkinB5’s unique acne control supplements are listed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration as a complementary medicine for the treatment of acne and have a strong reputation as a natural acne treatment product that actually works without side effects. SkinB5 is also sponsoring the Pharmacy Assistant of the Year Award, a much sought-after honour in the pharmaceutical industry which will be launched at the APP’s final day. Pharmacy assistants perform a variety of vital tasks in any community pharmacy, such as advising customers on their complementary medicine, understanding every product they sell and giving professional and caring customer service. This aligns with SkinB5’s core brand values, so through the sponsorship, SkinB5 hopes to help promote and recognise the important role of pharmacy assistants and their dedication to help improve the health of consumers. 2016 Pharmacy Assistant of the Year winner Natanya Mclenaghan will be speaking at this year’s APP. The APP is part of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, the nation’s most important body of pharmacy representatives. Peter Matthews Writer,

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