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The Australia China Nutrition and Health Association (ACNHA) has a new president: Award winning skin care inventor Judy Cheung-Wood.

The October 2016 decision has put Cheung-Wood at the helm of a non-profit organisation responsible for strengthening trade between two prospering nations. The ACNHA was created with the goal of deepening the business relationship between Australia and the booming Chinese market. According to the association’s website, the ACNHA “aims to develop strong partnerships between Australian and Chinese companies, universities, associations and not-for-profit groups”. The ACNHA has Chinese academics visit Australia and vice versa, while encouraging everyone involved to share their success secrets. The association promotes food, health and personal care products. It helps research and technology to find a crowd. The ACNHA helps companies find each other, while encouraging governments to accept and let in new health products. Cheung-Wood is the founder and inventor at skin care company SkinB5, which creates supplements that treat acne using vitamins and herbal extracts. SkinB5 operates throughout Asia and Australia, exporting to Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, China, Bangladesh, the U.S. and the Middle East. Cheung-Wood has created the company’s entire Natural Acne Treatment System, including: The Acne Control Extra Strength Tablets, Acne Control Caplets, Acne Control Cleaning Mousse, Acne Control Moisturiser and the Five Minute Skin Purifying Mask. The SkinB5 Purifying Mask was named Best New Face Mask in the 2013 Beautyheaven Glosscar Awards. Unlike other medicinal acne products, SkinB5 uses natural ingredients. Its patented supplements and holistic products are recognised by Australia’s strict Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) as a complementary medicine. Many Chinese consumers buy Australian supplements due to the TGA’s sterling reputation. A growing number of dermatologists, naturopaths and other professionals recommend SkinB5 due to its trustworthy contents. SkinB5 encourages its customers to live a healthy lifestyle, keeping with Cheung-Wood’s philosophy that clear skin is created from within. The Australia China Trade & Industry Promotion Council Inc. (ACTIPC) awarded Cheung-Wood the Best Innovative Prize of Health Skin Products Industry in 2016 for her work treating acne. The ACTIPC is a non-profit council of academic, business, political and legal elites who set up Sino-Australian projects in their fields. They aim to create growth in both Australia and China. The ACTIPC was founded in 2006 and recently hosted the Australia-China Business Forum in Melbourne, an auspicious summit of entrepreneurs and trade officials which included an opening ceremony. Since becoming president, Cheung-Wood has moved to strengthen the ACNHA’s ties to other organisations such as the China Healthcare Association (CHA) which had a major hand in creating the ACNHA. “Our committee feels that this important relationship with the China Healthcare Association needs to be nurtured and strengthened,” Cheung-Wood said. “Our committee feels that by strengthening our connection with the China Healthcare Association, the ACNHA will have a stronger identity enabling us to attract high quality, new members and maintain the support of existing members, to our mutual benefit.” Potential ACNHA members can join online, where they become part of the association’s activities, trade shows and webinars. More information on these organisations is available at and For more on Judy Cheung-Wood’s company SkinB5, visit Peter Matthews Writer,

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