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Why Doesn’t SkinB5 Come in Liquid Form?

That’s a great question that we get asked quite frequently! We’ve spent years researching the best ways to treat and eliminate acne using Vitamin B5 in the most effective manner, and the bottom line is that liquid Vitamin B5 DOESN'T WORK! All vitamins have different properties. Some are absorbed best by the body in liquid form, some are best in solid (tablet) form, and others require additional factors (such as Vitamin D requiring sunlight) in order to work. Vitamin B5 specifically is not stable in liquid form. That means that if we made SkinB5 (or any Vitamin B5 supplement) in a liquid form, the vitamins would dissolve in the liquid and lose their potency over a series or days or weeks. Eventually, after you had your liquid B5 sitting on the shelf or in the fridge over a period of time, it would be nothing but flavoured water and not beneficial to treating acne at all! We have designed our SkinB5 clear skin formulation to provide the BEST acne fighting benefits using the LOWEST dosage of Vitamin B5.How did we do this? We combined the Vitamin B5 with seven other powerful acne fighting and skin health boosting vitamins and minerals to cure acne and promote skin health in a variety of different ways. There are lots of Vitamin B5 based acne supplements on the market, but they’re nothing more than Vitamin B5. Many require that you take up to 10 grams of Vitamin B5. This won’t harm you, but it will definitely give you some undesirable side effects like diarrhoea! SkinB5 acne tablets contain ONLY 3 grams of Vitamin B5 a day, combined with other essential skin health ingredients to help get rid of acne FAST and give you healthier, smoother skin. If you’re shopping around for an acne supplement, be sure to read the label to find out what you’re really putting into your body and avoid mega dosing (10 g a day) or liquid B5 formulations!

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