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Winner of our 2013 Acne horror story Halloween Contest!!!

Winner of our 2013 Acne horror story Halloween Contest!!! Congratulations Melissa Dennis, you’ve won a SkinB5 Complete Care Pack! “One morning I woke up to see that I had a massive blind pimple on the side of my cheek, it was a terrible time as I had a photo shoot a few days later and even the best makeup couldn't hide it! I didn't want to leave my house because of this big pimple. I had people asking me 'What's that?' and I felt so embarrassed to have to answer with: 'A very big pimple'. I had this one pimple in particular for several months and I was sick of looking at it, I tried almost everything to get rid of it and I even went to the dermatologist and they told me it would cost $100 to remove this pimple and 'drain' the oil. So I thought I'd start using Skinb5 and it was really helping my skin but I wasn't sure if it was able to get rid of my giant pimple! Within just a few weeks of using skinb5 I was noticing some great results, the giant pimple started to reduce in size! One day while I was talking to a friend, I felt something drip down my face. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror to see the most disgusting thing! This pimple was oozing out and was dripping down my face, I nearly vomited and felt so embarrassed! The pimple has completely disappeared, thankfully! “ -Melissa

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