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Reaching a Ten-Year Milestone in Skincare - SkinB5 sets the benchmark for successful skincare solutions

Leading Australian skincare company, SkinB5, has reached a significant ten-year business milestone. Not only has SkinB5 created a suite of quality products for Australians and overseas acne sufferers, it has also consolidated its position as a strong entity in the cut-throat skincare industry. It all started with Founder and CEO of SkinB5, Judy Cheung-Wood’s vision for a natural skincare product able to fight acne from within. Skincare has always been in Judy Cheung-Wood’s blood. Judy’s grandfather was a chemist and manufacturer of natural skincare products in the 1950s. Almost 70 years later, Judy’s labour of love, SkinB5, has revolutionized effective skincare, not only in Australia but around the world. The SkinB5 range is based around Vitamin B5 and includes a highly effective nutritional supplement formulations and skincare products to treat acne naturally and without side effects. Now celebrating its 10th anniversary, SkinB5 has carved out a solid presence in Australia and overseas as not only an e-commerce business but also in the retail and dermatology channels. SkinB5’s export journey has been a unique one, where the brand and first product were launch with the support of Austrade at Cosmoprof Hong Kong 2006 and started exporting products before launching in Australia. SkinB5 currently exports to South Korea, Singapore, Philippines, China, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Ukraine, USA and other countries (via its global e-Commerce platform). SkinB5 has also had its fair share of awards including Ranked #18 in the Smart 100 Awards by Australian Anthill, Cool Company Awards Top 100 Companies and winner of Beauty Heaven’s Glosscar Winner 2013 for the Five Minute Face Mask. Judy is determined to continue to nurture SkinB5, firmly establishing the organization as a well-respected leader in effective and safe acne treatment, in Australia and around the world. “I want to be recognised as a global leader in effective natural acne treatment, obtain substantial market share, further global expansion, release more all-new innovative natural acne products and be the best company to work for by global standards.” Reflecting on the last ten years as a businesswoman, skincare expert, and entrepreneur, it has been an adventurous and hugely satisfying journey for Judy. “The SkinB5 evolution has defied all conventional wisdom. From securing investment based on a product idea that is completely opposite to what the whole acne industry is offering and making an acne product that starting treating the condition from within but without side effects (and more importantly it has proven to work for most users!), was just the beginning of my adventures,” she said. “Then there were the challenges of building online sales before entering retail, exporting before selling to Australian customers, gaining brand awareness and reputation through grass root user feedback (not top-down marketing through traditional advertising), recruiting from our own pool customers and users to join the SkinB5 team and developing a patented effective product without any backing from corporations that has a large team of full-time researchers working. “I am very proud of myself for holding firmly my vision and brave enough to take over the entire business from dismissive and discouraging male business partners.”

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