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SkinB5 brand hits significant milestone – just landed in Hong Kong, Macau with global retail giant SaSa

From day 1, founder of global acne treatment company SkinB5, Judy Cheung-Wood, was determined to bring SkinB5’s effective products to all corners of the world Statistics show there are millions of acne sufferers from all ethnicities across the world, yet they are highly frustrated the market is saturated with acne products that do not work.

Judy’s dream is helping acne sufferers face the world with confidence and have the best chance of living a happy life by having clear healthy skin. Utilising the efficacy of Vitamin B5, SkinB5’s effective supplements and skincare achieve this aim.

SkinB5 has now reached a significant milestone towards Judy’s vision. In June, SkinB5 launched into SaSa stores in Hong Kong and Macau. From its humble beginnings in the 70s, SaSa is now a household name. Its stores a magnet for Hong Kong and Chinese women shoppers in particular and must visit stop on the itinerary of countless tourists.

Judy travelled to Hong Kong early June, and toured SaSa’s top performing stores in Hong Kong, personally met and trained SaSa’s energetic staff.

"I was so impressed with the SaSa stores I visited and their staff, they are highly knowledgeable and super professional. I had a great time meeting them and speaking with them about why SkinB5 products are so unique and how to use them to get results. They were pleasantly surprised to learn that SkinB5 products also control blackheads and enlarged pores, in addition to pimples and acne breakouts and that ongoing daily use of SkinB5 supplements will reduce scaring! After learning the wide-ranging skin benefits that SkinB5 offers, SaSa staff were extremely excited to try our products themselves!’’ said Judy Cheung-Wood with clear excitement.

Ranging of SkinB5 in their stores is the result of SaSa’s head office team putting SkinB5 products to test, with some of their own members seeing clear results within one month of taking the SkinB5 supplements and using our healing skincare products.

The SkinB5 Team is super proud of achieving this milestone, as it demonstrates to the world the strength of the SkinB5 brand, our products’ market tested efficacy, and its ability to stand out in the crowded acne skincare category.

About the Author: Judy Cheung-Wood

SkinB5 was founded in 2006 by Australian entrepreneur, Judy Cheung-Wood. Growing up, Judy spent endless time with her grandfather who was a chemist and skincare manufacturer. Even as a young girl, she shared his passion for natural ingredients – and always dreamed of developing a natural skincare range in his honour. First launched as an online only business, SkinB5 is now widely available in retail and dermatology channels in Australia and globally. Judy is very passionate about skincare and love sharing her expert knowledge with others.

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