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I’ve been taking the SkinB5 Extra Strength Tablets now for 9 weeks and I’ve seen a massive reduction in the number of deep painful pimples on my jaw and my old acne marks are fading (thank god!). I have tried every face wash, topical cream, treatment, antibiotics, etc. (besides the most serrious acne drug) but this is the only thing to help my hormonal acne. You need to be consistent and take them 3 times a day spaced out with meals and watching your diet and skin routine (keep it simple).*

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Judy Cheung-Wood
SkinB5 was founded in 2006 by Australian entrepreneur, Judy Cheung-Wood. Growing up, Judy spent endless time with her grandfather who was a chemist and skincare manufacturer. Even as a young girl, she shared his passion for natural ingredients – and always dreamed of developing a natural skincare range in his honour. First launched as an online only business, SkinB5 is now widely available in retail and dermatology channels in Australia and globally. Judy is very passionate about skincare and love sharing her expert knowledge with others.