5 Great Ways to Detox your Skin this Season

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1. First and foremost, consider your diet. Re-evaluate what you are regularly eating and make changes if necessary. The main thing you want to analyse is your toxin intake. A variety of foods have toxins in them, and it can be difficult to pinpoint what might be detrimental for your skin and what may not. Without going into too much of the technical details of it all, here are some things to look out for: Processed meats, canned foods, artificial sweeteners, artificially coloured foods. Even dairy products and microwaved foods can contain toxins. 2. Think about the products you are applying to your skin. The lotions or moisturizers you have grown accustomed to might be doing more damage than good. Also - for the ladies - consider the makeup you have been using, and check your entire beauty regime to pinpoint any issues. Despite providing the confidence you may need, some makeup can be quite toxic for the skin and detrimental to skin health. 3. Be wise about what you are doing to your body on the inside. Notably, a great piece of advice for acne prone skin in general is to drink lots of water. It’s a simple thing, but if neglected, dehydration can most definitely worsen acne. Avoid healthy skin enemies such as alcohol, cigarettes or excessive caffeine, eat wisely and limit the exposure of your skin to harsh sun and too much chlorine. 4. Do your research on how to best treat OYUR skin and look into your own diet; try to figure out what foods that you are consuming have toxins in them. A simple Google search of foods and habits prevalent in your current diet and lifestyle could possibly reveal very interesting effects on your skin. Find out which natural and easily-accessible products could work as a detoxifying healing mask for you and your skin. 5. Do NOT give up! Sometimes it can be disheartening and we may stop making a concentrated effort towards purifying our skin. What often occurs is that the individual won’t see immediate results, and thus, may give up completely. Fight the good fight; your body just needs time to adjust and you will eventually see the results you desire. Even if your skin does not improve as rapidly as you would like it to, at least you will be making the first step towards a healthier lifestyle… and that is DEFINITELY worth doing!
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