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"I give SkinB5 my full recommendation as my Top and only choice for my patients not only in treating Acne, but other skin and gut disorders."
Dr. Germaine SalibUltimate Wellness, Sydney
"I had acne for 13 years, and tried pretty much everything including acne medications and antibiotics. SkinB5 is the only acne product that works for me and a long term solution to treat and prevent my acne."
Saki KusakabePharmacist, Chempro, Queensland
“It is gratifying to have a tool like skinB5 to help acne sufferers. It is using a very unique formula to simultaneously help the skin to heal, calming hormone imbalances, metabolise skin oil properly, improving immunity and circulations, all in the one formula.”
David Weir, Hayley Yates, Cathleen GearNaturopaths
“I confidently recommend SkinB5 to all my patients who have acne breakouts and oily skin. I am controlling acne, blackheads & whiteheads (comedones), oily skin and size of pores, safely and effectively using skinB5.”
Dr. Ma. Theresa Tan-PascualDermatologist
“SkinB5’s ability to prevent pimples from coming back, and reduce scarring overtime, makes it a popular choice among my patients. I recommend SkinB5, as part of their daily vitamin supplementation, and over the course of their transformation, it yielded incredible improvements on their skin.”
Dr. Vilma Herce-BalaDermatologist

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