Dr. Germaine Salib recommends SkinB5™ as top acne treatment and for other skin disorders

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We are truly grateful that Dr. Germaine Salib from Sydney has so generously shared her first-hand clinical experience with skinB5™ acne treatment and skin wellness system. Dr. Germaine wrote this testimonial during Men's Health Week, and of course our acne control and skin health formulations work extremely well for both her male and female patients.

Great improvements within a 2 week period in active and cystic acne both skin quality and texture has improved

In Celebrating Men’s Health Week At Ultimate Wellness, we educate and support our patients to “Master Healthy Living”. With 17 years of clinical experience, I have had the privilege to work with thousands of men from Young infants to young adults and beyond. One very common, yet debilitating condition to treat is Acne. It has a variety of forms from mild, hormonal to cystic acne that tends to frustrate patients and lead to self esteem ramifications no matter what decade of life it presents in. Acne can be very frustrating to treat in private practice as many end up with expensive acne treatment medications that are extremely aggressive causing harmful side effects or aesthetic lasers that try to mask the topical scars, mostly unsuccessfully and very costly. As a Chiropractic Doctor who has always respected the integrity of the body and has worked with plastic surgeons & Dermatologists and studied Aesthetics, I educate my patients about the significance of treating the Cause not just the Symptoms, I have always opted to look at multi faceted approach to improve diet, stress and hormonal imbalances. I was extremely impressed and grateful for discovering SkinB5, not only is it solely focused and dedicated to skin health and specifically Acne, it has a multi step program. This addresses Vitamin deficiency, topical skin cleansing, hydration to restore moisture back in & a purification Mask full of actives, as well as super foods to support Gut health which tends to be forgotten. After speaking to SkinB5, I knew that unlike most companies who cut corners for profit, SkinB5 operate As An Australian owned and Made, ethical, science based research company that focuses on sourcing the highest grade ingredients in clinically significant dosing to provide positive patient outcomes Fast. I have seen great improvements within a 2 week period in active and cystic acne both skin quality and texture has improved as well as flare ups reducing. I give SkinB5 my full recommendation as my Top and only choice for my patients not only in treating Acne, but other skin and gut disorders. It is life changing to see an Acne patient enjoy Flawless face and skin and now I have found a great solution with SkinB5.


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