Adult hormonal acne devastated Charlene Palad but skinB5 changed everything

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So many women develop acne as adults because of hormonal issues, and they feel devastated and hopeless. We want you to know that there is hope, and that skinB5 could work for you too like it has helped hundreds of other adult acne sufferers around the globe.

After using skinB5

I've never had these much pimples growing up but when I reached my late 20's, my hormones took a good turn on me and messed up my face. I have endometriosis and ovarian cysts and my doctor told me that my acne was hormonal. I've used creams, lotions, soaps, toners, medications, but none worked for me. It just got worse and worse. Then my dermatologist recommended me to Skin B5. I've been taking Skin B5 for a year now and my skin never looked better in years! What I love about this company is their customer service. I've emailed them a bunch of questions and I got an answer back right away. I've recommended Skin B5 to my friend too and she got hooked. Skin B5 is healthy for the body unlike Accutane which messes up your liver and cholesterol levels. Skin B5 changed my life. Now my self esteem was redeemed and I can talk to everyone without the humiliation of being conscious about my face. I don't have to worry about going on dates and people looking at my face rather than my eyes when they're talking to me. Thank you so much Skin B5. - Charlene Palad


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