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Avocado Oil Natural Acne Remedy

With so many acne treatments available it can be hard to find the right one for your skin. If commercial treatments don’t seem to be doing the job, you should give acne remedies and natural oils a try. Avocado Oil is one that has proved to have great results for many acne suffers. There are three ways it can help acne: nutritionally, as a moisturiser and as a topical treatment for acne problem spots. Nutritionally, Avocados are very high in monounsaturated fats (good fats) and low in the bad fats that are directly linked to acne. Eating avocados as a regular part of your diet, using Avocado Oil to cook and using it as a salad dressing can have skin benefits. In addition to preventing acne it can increase your vitamin E levels, and help tone your skin. Used topically, Avocado Oil is makes a great moisturiser! If you are prone to oily skin you may be hesitant to apply more oil to your face but don’t be worried! The oil that causes pimples and blocks pores is Sebum Oil, which comes from inside of the body. Avocado Oil actually prevents the inflammation that causes this Sebum Oil and keeps your skin well moisturised. Most importantly, Avocado Oil is an ideal topical treatment for pimples, skin blemishes and scars! It helps in reducing blackheads and reducing pore inflammation which can result in the big puss-filled pimples we can’t wait to get rid of! Avocado Oil cleans out blocked pores, improves skin tone and reduces inflammation of the sebaceous gland (which produces the sebum oil that causes pimples). Avocado Oil also promotes cell regeneration, leaving skin fresh, healthy and toned. Not only is it good for acne, but for reducing scars as well! The oil is high in sterolins, which are well known for their healing properties. It also moisturises the upper layers of skin helping reduce age spots. Try combining 1 tsp Avocado Oil with 1 tsp Castor Oil, and applying to your skin. Cover with a warm face washer and leave it for several minutes, allowing the heat to open up your pores. Wash off gently with a face washer and rinse your face to get rid of excess oil. Your skin will be left feeling smooth, refreshed and moisturised! If you prefer to buy a premixed facial treatment, there are many acne facemasks available with avocado oil as a main ingredient. These are very effective in treating acne as they combine the benefits of not only avocado oil but also many other oils, vitamins and minerals into one lotion! We recommend the 5-Minute Skin Purifying Mask by SkinB5. It helps soothe acne prone, irritated skin while removing blackheads and moisturising your face! Visit to order.

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