Skin rehab starts with a healthy diet! Here are 5 foods your skin LOVES…

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The skin is the biggest organ in our body and heavily influenced by the food we eat. Eating the food your skin loves is vitally important because what we eat provides the nutrients our skin uses to grow and repair. There is now a lot of evidence to link certain foods with reduced acne and with overall good skin. This doesn’t mean you have to eat perfectly all day. Instead just increasing the intake of some of the good foods can have great benefits for skin rejuvenation. Plus eating well makes you feel better all round so it is a win-win situation. These are 5 foods will help reduce acne and make your skin glow! 1. Whole grains Processed flours and grains can cause insulin spikes, which can lead to acne. Whole grains such as buckwheat not only release insulin more slowly but they also provide a number of nutrients that help fight acne and support the skin. Wheat germ that is removed during processing of white flour and other processed grains contains biotin, which assists in processing fats. If the body doesn’t have enough biotin the skin can become scaly and dry, which can lead to acne (link for last article here that focuses on dry skin). If Buckwheat isn’t your thing try the other whole grains such as quinoa or millet. 2. Fish Fish is one of the easiest ways to support your skin. Salmon and some other fish are high zinc and other omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce dryness, inflammation and acne. Zinc influences sebum production, the oil on our skin responsible for acne, and helps support skin repair. Omega-3 fatty acids help keep the skin hydrated and support your heart at the same time! If you can’t stomach fish then try plant-based alternatives such as flax seed oil or walnuts. 3. Spinach Spinach and other green leafy vegetables are high in antioxidants and inflammation fighting nutrients. Spinach is also full of vitamin A, which acts as a natural anti acne agent. Eating a little bit of spinach each day will help keep your skin glowing and the acne at bay. 4. Almonds These dermatological wizards are filled with vitamin E, which keeps your skin naturally bright and smooth. Vitamin E also helps fight free radicals and UV damage from the sun. Plus it supports your skin in retaining moisture, which helps keep that healthy glow year round. Other nuts such as walnuts and pistachios also have similar properties and are great for your skin too! 5. Mangoes Mangoes are filled with beta carotene (vitamin A) so they naturally help your skin stay healthy. They are also filled with vitamin C and many other beneficial nutrients Plus they taste great and help release serotonin, which makes your happy. So if your skin improvements haven’t already made you happier, eating mangoes will! Eating whole natural foods is a great way help rejuvenate and enliven your skin skin and control acne. If you just keep a few of these great provisions in your cupboard instead of processed foods and snacks you will find that eating foods that your skin loves can even be easy! Eat well and love your skin.
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