SkinB5's Purifying Mask shows versatility as a matte foundation and concealer

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International make-up expert shares ingenious formula in using SkinB5 mask to create a perfect matte foundation One of leading Australian skincare company, SkinB5’s flagship products, the Skin Purifying Mask, is showcasing its adaptability by being transformed into a perfect foundation for makeup longevity and effectively controls oil build up. Jyue Huey, co-founder of the Make Up Room, recently hosted a skincare workshop where she showcased a suite of helpful tips on the versatility of some skincare products. The SkinB5 Purifying Mask is a cleansing, purifying and soothing mask formulated to decongest and rejuvenate the skin to control acne breakouts. It consists of French green clay, Australian Barrier Reef sea minerals, bergamot oil, avocado oil, aloe vera, peppermint and Vitamin B5, which work together to absorb and extract oils, toxicities and impurities from deep within the skin's layers. The beauty and ingenuity of the SkinB5 Mask is that it enables the skin to heal and renew itself. It also assists with colour correction, especially with the green clay which assists with skin redness and inflammation. Jyue Huey, who was a panel judge in the 2015/2016 Her World Beauty Awards, has used the SkinB5 Mask to create a foundation with a difference – a foundation which gives make up the staying power it needs, creating great oil control. The formula is simple. Step 1: On a clean spoon, mixed 1/3 portion of SkinB5 Mask to 2/3 portion of your regular make-up liquid foundation. Step 2: Apply the liquid foundation in an outwards and downwards stroke on areas of your face that are prone to oiliness /shine from excessive sebum production. Step 3: You can do without powder. This special concoction should help your skin stay matte for a significantly longer period than just putting on your regular foundation. According to Jyue Huey, the SkinB5’s core ingredients allows an everyday foundation to turn into a super hero of foundations. “I like the fact that the SkinB5 mask contains natural ingredients, is mild and is effective. And what’s more, it blends in beautifully with many liquid foundations that I use.” SkinB5 is available online at and at leading health food stores and pharmacies nationwide
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