Haley Yates

Skin Health & Wellness Articles

Teenage Acne

One bears not only physical scarring, but the emotional scarring is apparent to anyone who has talked to a teen with acne problems. Many teenagers...

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Skin SOS: Dealing with Breakouts

With all the home remedies and wives tales, how are we to know what actually works when we do break out? With first-hand experience, I...

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Using French Clay to Treat Breakouts

The use of clay for its healing benefits began with Aristotle (384-322 BC) and has been used around the world for centuries to heal, both...

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Surviving Hormonal Breakouts

Hormonal breakouts are most certainly not just a teenage affliction. Hormonal acne can continue into adulthood, especially affecting middle-aged women. Our hormones are largely in...

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Common Skincare Product Myths

Do you feel lost in the mass of information regarding skincare regimes and skincare products? There’s so much information out there, enough to make you...

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