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How to make a successful New Year, New Skin Resolution.

It’s New Years and seemingly everyone is having epiphanies that there is something terribly wrong in their life, and they’re going to fix it. This...

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What Can Aloe Vera really do for Acne?

Aloe Vera, a green godsend wonder plant has been a popular ingredient in all sorts of skin healing remedies and beauty products. It is commonly...

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How to fit a face mask into your day

Looking after yourself can feel like a chore. I probably shouldn’t have this attitude, but sometimes applying a face mask can feel like an extra...

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How to Treat Extreme Teenage Acne, Naturally

How to Treat Extreme Teenage Acne, Naturally   It is important to address the “whole person” in dealing with acne. For true healing, acne must...

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Avocado Oil Natural Acne Remedy

With so many acne treatments available it can be hard to find the right one for your skin. If commercial treatments don’t seem to be...

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In Search of a Safe Acne Treatment that Works

SkinB5 Offers an Effective Natural Alternative to Dangerous Acne Drugs Prescription acne drug, Diane 35 deaths have been the latest buzz in newspapers and online...

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