Patent granted to Australian Natural Acne Treatment Supplements

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SkinB5 has been granted a patent for its unique formulation. Developed by Australian Judy Cheung with leading naturopaths, supplement formulation scientists, and other experts in complimentary medicine the patented formula naturally treats the nutritional imbalances that cause acne. “The Patent Grant hallmarks a new way to treat acne, and recognises SkinB5’s significant innovation of treating acne at the source which is proven to be effective.” SkinB5 Co-founder and Managing Director Judy Cheung said. Market tested since 2006, SkinB5 has helped thousands of acne sufferers across more than 13 countries. Haley Yates pictured Naturopath Haley Yates suffered acne after the birth of her first child during her early 30’s. “Adult acne… kicked around my confidence,” she said, having used SkinB5 herself she now recommends it to clients “SkinB5 has turned their lives around like it did mine.” SkinB5 has been adopted by dermatologists in Singapore, Philippines, Ukraine and Bangladesh as a step before, and if need be, after, prescribed acne drugs which have undesirable and well-documented side effects. Judy developed SkinB5 to provide a natural alternative to harsh chemical topical solutions that can cause harm to the skin whilst treating acne. SkinB5 is free from benzoyl peroxide, parabens, sodium lauryl sufate (SLS), sodium laureth sulphate (SLES), synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, silicones, mineral oils, diethanolamine (DEA), animal products and nanoparticles. Recognising there is a range of factors which cause acne, SkinB5 produces a regular blog on how to holistically address the lifestyle and diet issues that cause acne. SkinB5’s blog contains many articles contributed by passionate and talented SkinB5 users who want to help educate other acne sufferers, and the blog explores the causes and difficulties of acne, whilst also dispelling the myths around the condition. A strong emphasis is placed upon positive thinking, good physical and mental health, recognising that stress and depression are related symptoms of acne. SkinB5 is the product of extensive research and innovation. Vitamin B5 is combined with other powerful acne clearing vitamins and minerals such as zinc, creating a formulation that regulates sebum (skin oil) production and balances hormones. Excess sebum clogs pores, resulting in whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and resulting excess bacteria growth. Stress and poor immune system health also contribute to acne. Furthermore, acne can in turn increase stress and negatively impact your immune system. SkinB5 supplements contain a number of Vitamin Bs which also help relief stress and can reduce its impact upon the body. SkinB5 have developed Extra Strength Acne Tablets for the treatment of more serious acne, and Acne Control caplets for the treatment of lighter acne and the maintenance of healthy skin. A cleanser, moisturiser and award winning face mask have also been developed to complement the oral treatments. SkinB5 is the recipient of several awards: Ranked #18 in the Smart 100 Awards by Anthill, Cool Company Awards Australia Top 100 Companies, and winner of Beauty Heaven’s Glosscar Winner 2013 for 5 Minute Face mask. For more information please contact: Michelle Perera 0425 826 278
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