Emily's skin has noticeable improvement in 2 weeks

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Emily's skin has noticeable improvement in 2 weeks

I started using the clear starter kit by Skin B5 a few months ago, and just in the 2 weeks I started to notice some changes. 

My skin was beginning to clear just by taking ½ a tablet and using the cleanser, moisturiser twice daily and the mask as spot treatment at night.   I was still getting a few breakouts and was advised to increase my dosage to one tablet twice a day. Following this change my skin just kept on improving and I was getting a lot less breakouts.

Thanks to Skin B5 I now have my confidence back and feel so much better about my skin! My family and friends have commented how much better my skin is looking, and now I don’t try and cover up my acne because how much better my skin is looking! Friends are asking what product I use and I proudly tell them Skin B5.

From Emily 

- Emily


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