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SkinB5™ completely changed Grace Armstrong skin in 2 months

Skin cleared up

My skin just suddenly became such a problem. After finishing my first year of university with practically no troubles at all, my skin broke out into such bad acne around my mouth area and chin. It was painful and relentless no matter what time of the month it was. My self confidence was taking such a beating, I was so so low about my appearance and hated that I felt that way. Im a musician so I have to stand in front of people with lights on me, so to not feel confident in your own skin was a huge problem. I was looking on Flora & Fauna for some other products and stumbled across SkinB5. I did some research and thought it sounded pretty positive. I still had massive doubts it would work but I am SO glad I took the chance on these products because they have changed everything. My skin is better in every way - it is smoother, softer, less breakouts, even toned. After being on the products for only 2 months my skin has done a complete 360. Safe to say I will continue to use SkinB5.

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