How Sophie Russell Overcome Persistent Acne When Diet Changes Failed

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If you have persistent acne, diet changes (to clean eating) alone often do not help eliminate acne. Those suffer persistent need specific potent nutritional supplementation daily to overcome and maintain healthy skin functions. NB: SkinB5 users who have a history of stubborn acne tell us that if they stop using skinB5 vitamins completely after their acne cleared up using our formulas, after 4-5 months once the specifically needed nutrients are used up and depleted in the body, acne often return. This is Sophie's success story, thank you for sharing Sophie!! We are very grateful that you agreed to share your experience so others could confidently try skinB5 if other treatments failed to work for them.

After 2 months using skinB5

Hi there. I just wanted to say a massive thank you. This is my results on 2 months on skin b5. I used the extra strength control tablets and the cleanser. I have struggled with acne for so long and got to a point where I was cutting out dairy, gluten, sugar, and so many other things. Being on Skin b5 has allowed me to eat absolutely everything! I am so grateful! Thank you so much !!! I only have the occasional little pimple here and there but nothing severe. I have confidence and everyone is commenting on how great my skin is!! - Sophie Russell
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