SkinB5™ helped Emily W Completely cleared up her acne in 2 weeks

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]SkinB5™ helped Emily W Completely cleared up her acne in 2 weeks

Where do I even start!

I have had pimples and acne my entire life, I have endometriosis and PCOS.

When I was a teenager I had hormonal acne and by the time I was 20 - 23 I had perfect skin.

At 24 I started breaking out again and by the time I was 27 (now nearly 28) my skin was the worst it had ever been.

I was put onto THREE lots of antibiotics within the last 18 months, was getting weekly facials, skin needling, spent i don’t even want to know how much on skin washes etc

Family and friends kept saying “that looks so sore and painful” and I was honestly at an all time low with my self esteem and confidence

You wouldn’t catch me leaving the house without make up on and I stopped taking photos of myself.

I have seen an endocrinologist, a gastroenterologist and been put onto so many different diets

I went back to the doctor completely defeated in June 2022 and was referred to a dermatologist. Of course the first thing recommended was Accutane, something I wasn’t willing to try.

In July 2022 I went an saw a naturopath

I was recommended skin B5 and was also given a vitamin to help support my PCOS.

I purchased the persistent break out kit to start off with and honestly noticed a difference within 2 weeks.

It has now been 3 months of only using Skin B5 cleanser Morning and night, moisturiser morning and night and the acne control vitamins twice a day and my skin looks and feels the healthiest it has ever been.

I have seen people that I use to work with etc who don’t see me all the time and they have said “you are glowing”

I feel so confident, so happy and so healthy

My acne is now gone and the scarring is improving every single week.


thank you so much for making an affordable skin care product that truely does work

Without sounding dramatic you literally saved my life

I will continue purchasing, using and recommending

Emily W.

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