2019 could be the year of men’s makeup. Here’s what you have to know.

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Guys, would you wear makeup? What if it was so normal your friends did it? The male grooming industry is up to $47 billion now. That’s enough to give everyone in the world a skin mask treatment. And men’s makeup is just getting started. Let’s see what the next wave of male grooming looks like, and what it can do for you.

In 2019, Men can talk about the glow

A lot of men’s makeup is centred around giving the face a nice, even finish with the healthiest colour for your skin tone. Turmeric is looking like the next big thing, which gives a little of that keratin bronze you get from the perfect amount of sunlight and Vitamin A rich foods. We’re not just bottling the glow, we’re letting the skin soak it up with natural ingredients. And if it’s popular enough to bolster an eleven-digit industry, bros will want to share tips. Chances are we’ll see some major grooming taboos come falling down soon. When they do, you and your skin can enjoy the benefits. Start conversations!

Naturally clear skin will be more common

If men are grooming their skin more, they’re cleansing more. One of the best things you can do right now is gently clean your face before and after sleeping. When your friends catch on to that, you can expect the standard of male skin to rise. It doesn’t mean there’s pressure on you. Things could actually get easier. If we’re in the habit of washing our faces as a society, soon you’ll be doing it without even thinking about it. Because that’s how things are. If you really want to make this work, buy a face wash or an after-cleanse solution like SkinB5 Moisturiser. Sounds counter intuitive, but the easiest way to have lasting clear skin with a natural glow is to consume the right nutrients, which is exactly the SkinB5 vitamins are designed to deliver.

Men will learn some dirty secrets

Concealer is makeup that you dab on red spots to hide them. Yes, the women in your life use it. And men are about to catch on. It’s not as effective as cold water over time (drinking a bunch and splashing some on the area), or avoiding inflammatory drinks, but sometimes you’re in a hurry. You have about 30 shades of foundation for the whole gamut of skin tones. When you regularly see someone in makeup, what you think is their natural skin tone is actually their foundation and a range of other products. And so many people gel their eyebrows. After they brush off the stray foundation. When we say to someone, “You look better without makeup,” chances are we totally missed a dozen products including eyebrow pencil and mascara. The au naturale look has been fooling us for generations. Makeup is everywhere. It may seem daunting and risky, but men everywhere are already into beauty. This isn’t a new thing. The women around you can share solid methods that have been chipped at for thousands of years.

And what if your favourite celebs did it?

Well, they kind of already are. In the long-past year of 2018, we blogged that celebrities were snapping themselves wearing Korean sheet masks. It’s not makeup, but a face mask on a guy might be even edgier than guyliner and primer.

What does this mean for acne?

You can work around it. We have a clever new recipe for foundation with the matte subtlety that suits a man. It also protects the skin. The Make Up Room’s co-founder Jyue Huey came up with this skincare hack. If you’re feeling brave and have started using foundation, all you need is a bit of SkinB5 Skin Purifying Mask. Add one part Mask to two parts of your favourite liquid foundation, then apply. Sure, it looks natural. It’s turning your makeup into a balm that repairs your skin through the day. But the bit I really enjoy is the glow. The Mask masks excess redness, which can really makes the skin look like it’s thriving, and it naturally supresses pimple-causing bacteria on your skin preventing breakout even you are wearing makeup. That’s the thing about makeup. It’s creative expression, and your canvas is your face -- where expression happens. In the face we see a person’s nature, feelings, heritage and the way they treat themselves. And it’s becoming socially acceptable for men to play with that. Even if 2019 is the year of men’s makeup, there’s plenty of time for you to get in while it’s still new. Experiment, see what you enjoy, get chatting with a makeup addicted friend. Get onto YouTubers’s male makeup geniuses like Arabia Felix, the burly Jordan Liberty or Patrick Starr (okay, I like this one because his name is a Spongebob reference). It’s easy to get into this world. Peter Matthews is a freelance writer living in Melbourne. His favourite glow enhancer is turmeric, except when it gets on his clothes.


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