Bacne (Back Acne): Causes and Treatments

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With the relentless heat of summer upon us (at least in Australia!) most people will spend time in swimsuits, dresses or other types of light clothing to help them stay cool. As much as it is a relief to be cool, it can also be very stressful when you have back acne or bacne to have your back out in public. So what causes back acne and how can you control it so that you can enjoy the summer days without any stress or embarrassment? Bacne is generally caused by the clogging of the pores with dirt, bacteria and sweat, which then leads to minor infections. Unfortunately, the back is very prone to sweat, which can make it prone to acne. If you work out, wear a backpack or even just walk outside on a hot summer’s day you are likely to sweat. Luckily not all is lost though as there are a number of ways to you can look after the skin on your back. One of the most obvious methods of keeping your back clear of acne is to shower straight after you sweat or at least as soon as you can. When you shower using an acne fighting agent, this can be beneficial. As an extra level of support, a cleansing moisturiser such as SkinB5’s Acne Control Moisturiser after your shower can also support your skin staying hydrated. Skin hydration is vital because if it gets too dry it can start to produce excess oil, which will block your pores and increase breakouts. Unfortunately, most people may not be able to get to a shower every time they sweat, or may not want to take a shower 5 times a day in summer! Fortunately, showering is not the only option for treating back acne conditions. If you are wearing synthetic clothing, changing to cotton will help your skin to breathe and will go some way to controlling your sweat and acne. In addition to your clothes, changing your sheets regularly will also help you to keep the back bacteria at bay. Or if all of this seems like too much effort then simply take some SkinB5 Acne Control Tablets and let them do the work for you! Bacne may be problematic, but with a few small changes to your routine, you will be able to bring it under control and enjoy wearing all types of clothing this summer.
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