How Stress Impacts Your Skin

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Your mind has a very powerful part to play in your health…

…especially the health of your skin. The connection is so strong between our mind and skin it even has a name – psychodermatology.

Many skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne have been shown to be affected by our brain-immune-skin connection (neuro-immuno-cutaneous-system), therefore a holistic combination approach of addressing underlying stress with any skin conditions will likely be much more beneficial than just treating the symptoms of skin conditions (Jafferany 2007).

Usually our skin flares up when we’re under stress, the brain and the skin are derived from the same cells during development in the womb, so the connection between stress and skin is strong and our skin can become the mirror that displays our stress to the world.

During stressful periods our bodies are designed to release substances such as cortisol & catecholamines affecting the immune system, causing increased inflammation and production of sebum therefore worsening pimple breakouts & acne.

Stress also utilises more vitamins & minerals in our body like B vitamins, zinc & magnesium, which means there are less nutrients available for things like our hormones & digestive function which also affects our skin health & healing.

Treating stress with any skin condition is a must, and the B vitamins & zinc contained in SkinB5’s Acne Control Vitamins can assist with the stress-induced loss of nutrients.

If you believe stress is a major factor in regard to your skin condition then it is highly recommended to seek professional advice from an MD, psychiatrist, naturopath, herbalist or other health care practitioner.

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