How To Recover From MASKNE

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Masks, have been the hottest accessory for 2020-2021 – the must have, cannot leave home without, an essential part of our day-to-day life. We have and will still rely on the mask, being one part of a comprehensive strategy of measures to suppress transmission and save lives – it’s part of our safety armour that allows us to get on with life - which of course, we are so very grateful for.

Grateful we are, however, the unwelcome side effect is acne around the lower half of your face, dubbed ‘MASKNE’ or if you want to be technical ‘acne mechanicha’. Sounds dreadful and that it is!

So how can your skin recover, now your go to mask is required less often, or if at all? Let’s start by understanding what it is, and then we can look at what we need to do to ditch it!

Summer is coming..How To Recover From MASKNE

What is MASKNE?

MASKNE can impact anyone, even those who are not usually acne prone. According to research published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, at least 83 percent of health care workers in Hubei, China, reported skin problems on the face as a result of extensive mask wearing.

MASKNE is primarily caused by the mixing of sweat and oil under the face mask. This is exacerbated by the reduced ventilation, leading to a rapid increase of bacteria, unbalancing what is otherwise a normal part of our skin flora. Heat and humidity increase the occurrence and severity of MASKNE. For people struggling through the summer months or in a tropical climate, the resulting MASKNE can be much more severe than regular acne.

Still wearing a mask? We have got you covered!

1. Wash your brand-new cloth fabric face mask before

Wash your new mask before use and then after every use – you do not want a build of dead skin cells along with bacteria in your mask.

*Consider buying a mask that has anti-microbial coating, it can help to stop the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew in your mask.

2. Replace or wash your reusable face mask after each

Frequently replacing or washing face masks in an anti-bacterial solution (not bleach) will help minimise the build-up of sweat, oil and bacteria. Opt for   fragrance-free detergents where possible.

Your 10 step guide to recover from MASKNE

Skin Recovery

3. Don’t touch your face

Don’t touch your mask or you face – Keeps those hands away!!

4. Clean Hands

Wash and sanitise your hands – keep them clean and keep the germs at bay.

5. Minimise or Avoid wearing makeup when wearing a mask or trying to recover

Makeup is more prone to clog your pores and lead to breakouts when worn beneath a mask where ventilation is more restricted. If you chose to wear makeup, mix a small drop of the SkinB5™ Skin Purifying Mask with your liquid foundation to help control bacterial growth. The velvety SkinB5™ clay mask contains over a dozen naturally antibacterial natural extracts that will help keep breakouts at bay while the clay particles also aid to absorb sweat and excess oil. 

6. Rinse your face with water throughout the day

If you have to wear a face mask for hours at a time, rinse your face with some water when you take a break or swap over to a clean face mask. Cleansing with water rather than a facial cleanser or soap will help avoid over stripping your skin which upsets the natural balance and flora of the skin barrier. Cleanse with enough water to wash off sweat and excess oil, then pat dry your skin, air dry naturally, before putting on a fresh face mask. 

7. Cleanse at the end of the day – essential!

At the end of the day, cleanse your skin with a non-drying, non-stripping face cleanser that will effectively lift off excess oil, dirt and dead skin cells without upsetting the ph balance. Try SkinB's Acne Control Cleansing Mousse, a gentle non stripping cleanser that removes all the dirt and bacteria.

8. Avoid creamy or heavy moisturiser

Switching to a light facial moisturiser will hydrate your skin without clogging up your pores. As skin is more prone to becoming oilier under face masks, starting with a lighter, more nourishing hydration essence is key.

The SkinB5™ Australian Botanicals Hydration Essence, is a serum-like hydrator that is packed with high performance, naturally anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory plant extracts. The texture is featherlight and will allow your skin to breathe, not clogging up your pores.

9. Soothe your skin with Green Clay

A purifying clay mask will quickly calm and soothe any active and angry breakouts. Try the SkinB5™ Skin Purifying Mask a fast acting face mask that detoxes, purifies and soothes the skin. 

10. Take a skin health + immunity booster supplement

Focus on strengthening your overall health and immunity. Maximise your defence not only against coronavirus, but also the bacteria that cause skin breakouts. A daily dose of high-quality skin health boosting vitamins and/ or superfood complex that has potent immunity-boosting ingredients is a simple way to protect your health and your skin. Try SkinB5's Superfood Booster and/or Extra Strength Acne Control Vitamins to give your skin the nutrients it needs to restore and get your glow up!

As you know the pandemic has had a profound impact on us all in some shape or form.

MASKNE was and still is a big issue that has impacted us all, not to mention the impact to our emotional wellbeing!

So most importantly remember to be kind to yourself and others – being kind will brighten someone’s day, along with your own!

Remember: Be kind to yourself and others - the benefits are huge and better still its free!

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