Male Acne: What Causes It?

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Acne affects each individual differently – especially men & women. This is largely due to the differences in hormones between both genders.

Men are more likely to develop acne during adolescence, due to the exceeding presence of male hormones.

When going through puberty, men experience an increased production of androgens- which are male hormones, such as testosterone. This also leads to an increased production of sebum which is skin oil that can clog pores and lead to acne. Hormones are essential to live and cannot be avoided - and high levels of testoterone are an essential part of a boy’s development into manhood. Acne breakouts are an innevitable part of adolesence for nearly every teenage boy.

Whilst it cannot be prevented, breakouts can be minimised through various acne treatments which regulate sebum production and cleanse skin follicles removing oily layers of dead skin cells. Even something as simple as washing our faces under cold water every morning can be an efficient way to start cleaning out our pores.  Now what I am about to say may upset you-if you are a proud, manly man.

Shaving can also be an effective way of cleansing the skin and preventing acne. Similar to the hair on our head, if not handled with care; facial hair can hold oils on the skin, which in turn can lead to skin irritation and acne. Of course, there are counteracting stories and speculation as to whether a beard is beneficial or detrimental for acne treatment- but the bottom line is that facial hair should be maintained healthily.

Find out what works for you to minimise acne breakouts. They say time heals all- and such can be the case for acne treatment. There really is no way to avoid the development and changing of hormones during adolescent years, and equally so there is no way to avoid a young mans craving to display his manliness through the medium of a beard! Yet, there are ways (Plently of which are featured in these here blogs) to prevent and minimise acne, and to insure that we shall develop into healthy, young men of the world!

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