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So who’d have thought my partner would ever suffer from pimples spots and cystic acne!?

Recently he’s really been suffering from spots that are deep, inflamed and just keeps coming. He’s usually got beautiful clear skin and it’s horrible to see him so frustrated with it. Funny how you get used to those frustrations yourself and hate yourself for them, but when you see someone else with the same problem your heart really goes out to them – you definitely don’t love them any less.

Apart from helping my partner with some of the stress, he’s going through, I made sure to inform him about why I know SkinB5 could help him.  I’ve popped my favourite tried and tested SkinB5 products into his morning and evening routine and this is what’s happened:

Blocked Pores:

Have reduced, spots have risen to the surface and the skin underneath is smoother and more refined.


It seems as if the skin is actually renewing more efficiently. The products are removing dead skin, which leaves his skin free to breathe.


His skin easily absorbs the SkinB5 Acne Control Moisturiser, which is light and prevents future breakouts.

These products have soothed and calmed his skin in no time at all, I could see a difference in just a few days and then each day that passes his skin improves even more.

*Skin problems can be a result of incorrect nutrition, hormones, and stress. If you need a hand with any of these problems contact me for some coaching advice.

Stress reduction, Increased Energy & Motivation, Mindfulness, Yoga, Pilates & Nutrition to help bring vitality to your life. Contact me on

Venessa Nickless Yoga, Health Coaching & Pilates Practitioner in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Her adrenal exhaustion, terrible skin problems and digestion issues led her to take steps to revitalise her health & energy by changing diet; which includes daily use of SkinB5 supplements and skin products to this day.

She changed her fitness regime; focusing on Yoga and Meditation to increase energy and changed career so that she could help people to achieve the clear skin and confidence that they deserve.

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