Skin Detox – What to Do & What NOT to Do!

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Sometimes you want to overhaul your skincare regime and have a good detox, but often we go to extremes that are not actually good for us at all! Also, your body is in a constant state of replenishing and detox and doesn’t need dramatic measures, instead constant healthy measures to help support the skin’s natural rejuvenation process. What NOT to Do Don’t Lather Yourself in Harsh Chemical Products Things like benzoyl peroxide may feel like they five a strong clean immediately but are too harsh for your skin and leave you exposed, causing redness, dryness or even allergic reactions Stop Using All Your Products at Once Don’t cut everything out, you still need to cleanse and moisturise your skin regularly and continue to wear sunscreen to protect yourself Don’t Follow Extreme Detox Diets Dramatically changing your diet or only drinking lemon infused water for four weeks may instigate temporary weight loss but it is not healthy for your skin or body and is not a long term solution There are however many natural and healthy ways to detox your skin and feel rejuvenated and more luminous. What to Do Drink lots of water Coupled with a cleaner diet, water consumption will help refresh your skin and clear toxins from your system. This is helpful all year round Scale back to simple, natural products Try to wear less makeup and regularly cleanse your skin with a natural, safe exfoliator. Also moisturize with natural ingredients like Jojoba and Aloe Vera DIY Steam Facial At night, rest a face washer or muslin cloth, wet with steaming hot water on your face for five minutes. Don’t scrub, just let the steam cleanse your pores and benefit from the gentle, pure approach. Finish with a light moisturizer before bed Detox your diet Remove external factors by reducing or completely avoiding alcohol, smoking, coffee and saturated fats Boost your red blood cell count Red blood cells are important for the transport of oxygen-rich blood to body tissues and removal of carbon dioxide from the body, this helps to rejuvenate skin. Boost your red blood cell production by increasing your consumption of iron-rich foods like lean red meat as well as Folic-Acid rich foods such as green leafy vegies

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