#multitasking skincare products can save your skin, time, money, our planet!

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Spend less, get more out of multi-purpose products

Does your bathroom cabinet or kitchen pantry looks like the equivalent of a small pharmacy? Do you really need a separate face soap and shaving cream? What about that entire shelf of supplements?

Think of all that packaging waste! All the money you’ve spent on each of those products… and the time it takes to use every. Single. Item.

So how can you protect the environment, your hip pocket, and your time, while still prioritising self-care? Enter multi-purpose products. You buy less, and each product serves you in many ways.

The environment

According to Commercial Waste Magazine, the beauty industry creates over 120 billion units of packaging each year. Every individual product you buy is part of that number.

By investing in quality products that have more than a single purpose, you can help to reduce the level of waste - without compromising your health and skincare routine. For instance, our skinB5 cleansing mousse can gently exfoliate, remove light makeup, cleanse makeup sponges and brushes, and is the perfect consistency for shaving. It’s even safe for false eyelashes as it won’t melt the glue. So, with one cleanser, you can replace up to five products!

Your hip pocket

Vitamins and skin care products can really add up with long-term use. But by purchasing a multi-purpose product, you can save money.

Stop counting your pennies and invest in a multivitamin that can rid acne, boost immunity, give you thick, glossy hair, shiny nails, improve your energy and mood, and help with your stress response. It’s also a potent antioxidant, so you can say adios to swallowing a bunch of different tablets.

Or, instead of buying a makeup primer, moisturiser, antioxidant treatment, and some fancy product that evens your skin tone, try our hydration essence. Its high vitamin C content helps to fight pigmentation, the rich range of Australian native phytonutrients protects against UV damage, and it’s perfect for hydrating and priming your skin before applying makeup or sunscreen. It can also be used as a gentle aftershave…men take note!

Valuable time

Want to save hours getting ready in the morning? Keep your fresh, glowing skin but without spending the time on it?

With a multipurpose skin product, you can. One product to cleanse and exfoliate, one to moisturise and hydrate. You can finally have that sleep in with the extra time you’ll save!

One clever product you can incorporate into your routine is a clay mask. This can be used as a weekly treatment for removing dead skin and extracting pores, or as an overnight spot treatment. It’s also perfect for blending with makeup to create an anti-acne, matte look with long-lasting coverage.

Your skin

Acne-prone, angry, or sensitive skin can be aggravated by too many different products. To prevent this, it’s best to stick with a gentle and simple routine.

As skin health is highly responsive to your inner health, what you put in your body is as important as what you put on it. Our superfood has everything you need for healthy skin, and more. It’s designed to give you glowing skin, boost your collagen levels, improve your immunity, provide stress relief and support your gut health. Its alkalising formula helps to harmonise your body, so that you can care for your skin and overall health without getting carried away by a sea of different products.


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