SkinB5 – the simple skin wellness system treating acne quickly, effectively, and naturally.

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Are you a health care professional or health retail specialist offering solutions to clients with acne? Would you like an approach that quickly improves the appearance of breakouts and works to maintain the prevention of acne from the inside effectively, naturally, and safely?

SkinB5 – the simple skin wellness system treating acne quickly, effectively, and naturally.

SkinB5 is a trusted, award- winning, global brand that has helped thousands of people regain their confidence and clear healthy skin. SkinB5 is a simple, powerful holistic system that treats acne by promoting healthy skin on a cellular level, from the inside out. The specific ingredient range is formulated to help balance sebum and oil production, as well as enhancing skin renewal, nourishment, and circulation without any of the drying, damage, sensitivity, or systemic side effects associated with many products the market.

SkinB5 is a system – a simple, effective, multi-faceted approach. Skin B5 has received hundreds of testimonials from people of all ages who were experiencing unpleasant acute acne, and especially those with chronic acne. A large portion of our testimonials have come from naturopaths, dermatologists, GPs and pharmacists, who all love the SkinB5 range and the reliable results it delivers for their clients, and sometimes even for themselves.

Consumers are asking where they can buy this product, for both personal use and for their loved ones, after seeing first-hand the challenges of chronic acne. They believe in finding a real solution. We believe in in providing them with exactly that.

Why are they so keen to get their hands on these products? Social proof; word is getting out about this user-friendly, skin wellbeing range and how it is changing lives, one face at a time. It is simple to use, it’s clean, affordable and highly effective. We want the people who need it to be able to access it easily.

SkinB5 is a system – a simple, effective, multi-faceted approach

Acne is a growing problem, and acne management is a growing market, due to an increase in personal appearance awareness, emerging economies, and a growth in purchasing of beauty products in general.

Market stats:

- In 2021, the pharma (medicated) anti-acne market was USD 8.99 billion. It is projected to grow to USD 12.97 billion by 2029 – an increase of 4.8% compound annual growth rate (Fortune Business Insights 2022).

- In 2021 The cosmetic anti-acne market size was USD 4.13 billion. It is projected to increase by an enormous 9%, compound annual growth rate (Grand View Research 2022)   

If you need a ready-to-go product range that acne sufferers can rely on for fast effective, and long-term results, we would love to work with you. The results are speaking for themselves.

Skin B5 – where beauty and health meet upon the skin.


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