What to do for Back Acne

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When you think of Acne, you think of Acne on faces, but often Acne sufferers find they have outbreaks across their chests and backs as well. I’ve been one of those people who’s had it in all three areas and felt the self-consciousness that comes with it. Not only does it make you feel ugly (when you’re not) but it also has you paranoid about what you wear. You don’t want to have acne on your chest and or backs out on show for everyone to see; so low necklines and low line backs are a big no-no. So what can you do to combat the chest and back acne? Here are 3 suggestions.

1.Use the best products.

SkinB5 products are the best for Acne prone skin. The Mousse and moisturiser are amazing for facial skin, but have you tried it on your body too? I have a long-handled body brush that I pump a squirt of SkinB5 Facial Mousse on to and then gently scrub my back. Once I’ve scrubbed it I leave the foam on my back so that the product can do its magic. Whilst it sits on my skin I wash my face and then once the mousse is doing its thing on my face, I rinse it off my back before going back to rinse it off my face too. I can’t tell you how much this has changed the skin on my back! It’s clear, smooth and nothing to be embarrassed about now J Try it, you will use a little more product than when using it just for your face, but what’s better; Putting up with back Acne, or spending a little more on your SkinB5 product?

2. Don’t pick.

Yep – don’t do it!! It just increases inflammation and makes it all look worse and takes longer to clear up. Make sure you remember to wash your sheets once a week so that your skin doesn’t lie on dirty sheets and end up creating more bacteria. Similar to your clothes, the clothing you wear that touches acne prone areas should be washed before wearing again. These 3 suggestions are simple, so easy to stick to (I find they’re the best type of suggestions!) give them a go and watch for the changes you see with your complexion. Venessa is a down to earth Health Coach & RTT Therapist, specializing in helping clear stress and problem skin through Holistic Simplicity. Her passion for healthy living, whole foods, skin care, stress reduction and improved digestion, is a result of years of acne and adrenal exhaustion issues that affected not only her body, but confidence too. Venessa wants to share with you how Yoga & Mindfulness along with a natural, unprocessed diet and SkinB5 products can build flawless skin, amazing confidence and a massive smile, as it has done for her. Check out Venessa’s website for more details about how Nutritional Therapy & Health Coaching can help you J www.holistic-simplicity.com
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