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SkinB5 is more than a skin-deep acne treatment. As founder Judy Cheung-Wood says, “Acne presents itself on the surface, but the true cause of it lies deeper in our bodies.” After 13 years of supporting clear, healthy, glowing skin, applying her own experience successfully eliminated her acne and scarring using skinB5 products Judy developed, skinB5 is improving its already-effective treatment system with our next generation of products. Building on a holistic approach and carefully selected ingredients, the new range is an enhanced and evolved version of our existing treatment plan to effectively control acne. Proudly Australian-made and developed, we’re taking acne treatment to the next level with this comprehensive group of products. We know that healthy skin comes from within, and so we’re harnessing the healing power of vitamin B5, zinc, copper, vitamin A, and a huge range of unique, high-potency, and active plant-based extracts to promote clear, glowing skin. It’s effective, it’s safe, and it’s a long-term solution addressing the root causes of acne with lasting results.

Out with the old, in with the new

The next generation of skinB5 products have taken the best parts of our original range and added herbs, whole food nutrients, and numerous Australian super botanicals which are specific for clearing blemishes, cleansing, healing, balancing and hydrating your skin.

Step 01

SkinB5 Extra Strength Acne Control Vitamins combines vitamin B5, vitamin A, zinc and copper works to actively clear acne, while Vitex and Nettle herbs work to balance the hormones which so often aggravate or cause pimply skin. This revolutionary formula effectively assists with sebum control and cell renewal, while building a healthy immune system to fight acne-causing bacteria and promoting wellbeing and stress relief. Treating acne really does come from within, and this is the first step towards a clear and healthy glow.

Step 02

Step two is our soothing, anti-oxidant-rich Acne Control Cleansing Mousse. Containing vitamin B5, green tea extract, aloe vera, this gentle formula cleanses the skin without drying or bleaching it. It actually helps to heal and repair the skin while preventing breakouts and can even be used for shaving. Green tea is a well-known antioxidant which can be used topically on troubled skin, while aloe vera soothes and calms inflammation.

Step 03

A partner to the Cleansing Mousse, the Acne Control Moisturiser also utilises natural ingredients in step three of our comprehensive skincare regime. Designed to deeply hydrate and moisturise the skin, this regenerating formula assists with cell regeneration while preventing breakouts. The presence of jojoba, aloe vera and vitamin E make is a calming and rejuvenating choice which can double up as a hydrating primer beneath makeup.

High Performance & Luxe - Australian Native Botanicals Range

For those who want to experience the healing powers of the rich Australian landscape, then the Australian Botanicals Cleansing Mousse and Hydration Essence is the natural answer. Both products contain vitamin B5 plus 8 powerful, true-to-nature phyto-actives: Kangaroo Flower, Tasmanian Blue Gum, Snowflower, Silky Oil Grass, Mountain Pepper Berry, Kakadu Plum, Davidson Plum, and Quandong. These innovative extracts are naturally multifunctional, just as they exist in nature: potent, active, synergistic and bio-available. Wild-harvested and packed with high levels of natural vitamin C, the wide ranging benefits of these deluxe skinB5 products include, but are not limited to: skin repair and brightening, anti-inflammation, anti-bacterial, anti-pigmentation, and defence against UV damage, providing skin protection in the same way these plants protect themselves from the harsh Australian sun.

+ Mask

Five minutes a week for a deep-cleanse? Yes please. Our Skin Purifying Mask can be used as a whole-face or spot treatment, and it’s a perfect addition to our straightforward skincare plan. Using French green clay and Australian Great Barrier Reef mineral salt, the mask draws out skin impurities and soothes troubled skin. Rich in vitamin B5, the mask is also antibacterial and regenerating. It can be mixed with liquid foundation for an all-day treatment and concealer, or added to your weekly routine to gently support the function of your other skinB5 products.

+ Superfood Booster

Why did we create a superfood product? Judy says excitedly, ‘’I love using superfood to boost my intake of complex nutrients to compliment my daily dose of Extra Strength vitamins, supporting health body functions and make my skin glow, because it is very difficult to eat properly get enough nutrients when I live such a busy lifestyle with a super active 5 year old in tow and I also travel a lot. But I was very frustrated that superfood products on the market are very simple blends, like just collagen or greens, or fruit, or probiotics only, and I would end up buying 5 different superfood products. It just all became expensive and a hassle to use, and of course not very travel friendly! That is the reason why I developed the skinB5 5-in-1 Clear Skin Superfood Booster with 63 ingredients to provide all key nutrients and life-force enhancing herbs that are anti-aging, harmonising, packed with natural Vitamin C and highly nourishing. After a couple of weeks of taking a teaspoon of skinB5 superfood a day, you will notice your skin glows, smoother body elimination process, less sugar cravings, feeling energised without using coffees.’’ The skinB5 superfood also has a very versatile taste profile and can be added into anything that you are already consuming in your diet from water to oats, smoothies, nuts, popcorn, and salad dressings. You will not need to reinvent your diet to incorporate the skinB5 superfood into your daily health and beauty routines!

Next Generation Skin Wellness

We’ve always maintained that a holistic approach is the most effective for successful acne treatment and prevention. Our improved system of products is built on a gentle yet effective range of natural ingredients, proven by science to relieve signs of acne, support hormonal health, strengthen immunity, reduce the impact of stress and create an ideal environment for clear, healthy skin.
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