Findings from the skinB5 Skin Care and Wellness Survey Aim to Open the Dialogue for Australians Living with Breakouts and Acne

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Acne and breakouts are a common skin condition that over 90% of people experience in their life. An online survey conducted by Australian skincare and wellness company, skinB5, found that over 75% of people surveyed said that acne and bad skin had a negative impact on their life, with many suggesting that family and friends don’t fully understand how much it can affect a person’s self- esteem. The survey highlighted that breakouts are most common with people aged between 17-29, with this age group representing over half the respondents of the survey. Judy Cheung Wood, founder, CEO and architect behind skinB5 said that she conducted the survey to understand peoples’ experiences with acne and to determine what support and education is needed to open the dialogue of acne and breakouts. “We surveyed our key stakeholders, members of the pharmaceutical and skin care industry, influencers and our customers to really understand some of the pain points that people are experiencing with bad skin and acne conditions. “The 2019 Skin Care and Wellness Survey was designed to start conversations around skin care trends and routines and better understand where consumers are getting their information and education on treatments for breakouts and acne. “By opening up the dialogue around the effects that bad skin and acne are having on people, we can shift the conversation to a more positive one and focus on the right types of treatment in a more open forum.” Reasons and treatment for breakouts Over half of the respondents said that hormones and stress are the main reasons identified as the cause of acne breakouts, with 52% of respondents saying that they treat acne and breakouts with products that are readily available in shopping centre aisles. The contraceptive pill, isotretinoin, and antibiotics were also commonly used treatments. One third of respondents (over 30%) however, had not used any other form of treatment to manage their acne and just hoped it would go away. Concerns with skin care products There were four key concerns as to what people were most conscious about or had experienced when looking for a solution for bad skin and acne. They included; skin irritation (12%) dry skin (17%) the amount of chemicals in products (18%) or treatments/products just not working (32%). The good news is that there is a growing trend of people becoming more aware and educated in what ingredients are going into their skin care products, with 62% of people saying that they compare ingredients. Physical and psychological impacts on acne and breakouts Acne features in the news quite frequently, particularly the psychological and emotional strain it can place on someone. When asked to consider the physical and psychological effects their acne has had on them:
  • 68% of participants said that their skin has impacted their self-confidence,
  • 65% stated that they feel embarrassed when they have a break out,
  • Over one third (37%) of people said that breakouts or acne have stopped them from doing something that they really wanted to do,
  • 54% of respondents said that they have felt embarrassed to leave the house without makeup on.
“These results and behaviours echo some of the stories that I have heard over the past ten years. The SkinB5 survey results show us that consumers are becoming increasingly educated on the types of ingredients going into their skin care products, and people are searching for more natural ingredients. That’s why the team at SkinB5 are committed to providing the best range of high- performing natural ingredients that work together to strategically fight acne. “Off the back of this research and our commitment to opening the dialogue around skin care, acne and breakout treatments, we are going to conduct a national search for a SkinB5 ambassador who can accurately and authentically represent and speak to people who are looking for tips and hints on how to best treat and look after their skin. We want everyone who is affected with breakouts and acne to get the best and most informed information they can. “A lot of popular acne products on the market are full of peroxide and harsh chemicals that do more damage than good, so it’s important that people are well informed and educated on the right nutritional approach for treating acne. “Some of our survey findings are in line with the improvements we have made for our next launch of products, which is fantastic to see. Our new range, launching in March, will include a three-step system to increase ease of use, a premium range that incorporates 8 native Australian botanicals that are proven to reverse the effects of acne and aging on skin, and the Clear Skin Superfood Booster, which contains 63 powerful ingredients that help you glow from the inside out. “It’s so important to listen to our customers and understand what they really need from their products, so we can adapt, innovate, and deliver for them.” For more information on the detailed findings from the 2019 Skin Care and Wellness Survey, and to learn more about skinB5’s natural acne skin care range, visit SkinB5 products can be found online through the skinB5 website or at leading retailers, naturopaths, and pharmacies. ---ENDS--- For more information contact: Michelle Perera 0425 826 278
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