A very happy & impressed customer - Danni Stone

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A very happy & impressed customer - Danni StoneI have finally found a product that works with my skin!!! Thank-you Skin B5:-) I have never suffered with severe acne, just the random red blotches & odd pimples. My skin has always been quite discoloured (redness) & goes from oily to dry. I've never been completely satisfied with facial products, have always felt my skin resolves itself best using absolutely nothing! Reaching 30, "nothing" isn't the best way to go so I decided it was time to try something new. The face behind this amazing Company is one of my Pilates clients & so after discussion about her products, I decided to try them. Best decision I've ever made. I honestly couldn't be happier with the results & due to being a horrendous tablet taker, I unfortunately haven't even been taking the tablets in conjunction with the face wash, mask & cream. I'm certain the results would be even more dramatic (if that's possible) with the tablets included into your skin regime. It was my Wedding 2 weeks ago & boy, was I happy with how my skin was looking. This is only after a few months of using these products! I thought for sure, I'd wake up with a pimple or blotchy red skin due to the stress & nervous feeling of getting married, but to my surprise, nothing! I would recommend Skin B5 to anyone. The added bonus is knowing that it is made with almost all natural ingredients & eliminates a lot of those harsh toxic chemicals which we clearly don't want ruining our skin. Well done to this Company & the incredible talent behind the creation! Thank-you!!!! In love with my new skin regime & can't wait to see the results improve even more. A very happy & impressed customer, Danni xo
- Danni S.

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