Holly Dexter's SkinB5 Journey

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Me & SkinB5.

Before I hit puberty, I was lucky enough to always have really nice clear skin. But like most people, when I hit my teenage years, I suffered from very bad hormonal acne. I know I was really lucky in that most people my age, were also suffering from acne as well, so I didn’t really feel as self-conscious as I probably would have, if I wasn’t surround by other people going through the same thing. Still, even though we were all going through the same thing, it never stopped me looking in the mirror most mornings and just wishing my acne would clear up. I would use the thickest foundation to try and cover my acne, which probably caused more over time! 

I remember using the harshest chemicals on my face to try and clear up my acne – Like most people, I had that belief that by putting these harsh products on my face it would actually help my skin/reduce pimples etc…. Unfortunately, we didn’t really have any really great skincare that would help with acne when I was a teenager, so we had to make do. But it’s so great now to see a brand such as SkinB5 making amazing products that do not cause more harm to you skin, are gentle and actually clear your skin.

As I became older my acne started to clear up and I grew out of how self-conscious I was feeling about it. In 2019, I was lucky enough to have SkinB5 reach out to me and asked if I wanted to collaborate with them. I had never heard of the brand before, but what really caught my eye was that the products had really good ingredients in them and weren’t super harsh or drying on my skin. I couldn’t stop using the products, I think I became addicted! I rotated through some other skincare products and nothing was quite the same as SkinB5. So I reached out to them in 2020 and told them how much I loved the products and here we are now. I will be honest, I don’t suffer from really bad acne now, I am quite lucky in that mine has pretty much all cleared up. But every now and then I do get a break out and it’s always good knowing that I have great products that clear it up super quickly.

Now if you’ve read my last blog, you’ll know that I was a part of the Miss Universe Australia program in 2020. SkinB5 was a must in my beauty regime, keeping my skin in top condition was critical – its’ so important to know you have a great skincare range to help look after your skin – gives you that extra boost of confidence!  That has been and gone now and we were so lucky that the COVID-19 rules changed just in time for Victoria, for us girls to be able to go into the Sofitel on Collins and have our live streamed national finals, and when I mean just in time, it was literally the day restrictions were lifted!

I’ve started university now, studying nursing, so my content creation work has really taken a step back and I’m mainly only focusing on brands I absolutely live by. This was a split last-minute decision and really only came about in the last few months of last year. I’ve always had this career in the back of my mind and since the original dream of being a flight attendant doesn’t look like it’s going to happen anytime soon, nursing was the next best thing. I’m absolutely loving it though and can’t wait till I’m qualified and working in a hospital.

Take care


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