How Hope Ward's severe acne cleared up fast in less than 2 months

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Foreword by Judy Cheung-Wood, Founder of skinB5™  

Heading back to school after the long summer holidays could be a very anxious time for young people.  As all of us can relate, the condition of your skin affects self confidence.  But for school age youngsters, having acne not only affects self-esteem, it often attracts cruel comments from peers.  And unfortunately, we hear too often teens suffering from acne also become a target for bullies at school.

As a result, loving parents with a teen suffering from acne unwittingly join the quest to find a lasting solution that can help restore not only their son/daughter's healthy skin but more importantly their mental health.  At skinB5, many of our user success stories actually started with meeting a health professional who truly cares about their customers and community - at skinB5, we call them the local heros.

Our gorgeous young customer Hope Ward tells such success story that started with she and her loving father meeting our local hero Leanne Robson.

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About Leanne Robson: "Have been in Pharmacy for just over 5 years in which I am a beauty Advisor. Love all things related to beauty and passionate about helping people achieve beautiful skin. I completed my Cert3 in Community Pharmacy after working for a few years which then lead me to start my Diploma in Beauty Therapy. Prior to Pharmacy I worked in Dental, Banking and Administration for many years. I’m happily married for 20 years and we have 1 son who is 19. My belief is everyone deserves to look good and feel good I will try and help them achieve that. 😊"

SkinB5 success story with the strong partnership between pharmacy beauty consultant Leanne Robson and teenager Hope Ward

In the meantime, below is Hope's incredible skin transformation journey with skinB5™, in her own words ...

Amazed with the results in only the first few weeks

Here goes, here is my story. It has taken a lot of confidence to post this, all my friends, friends of friends and family will see this but I am not the only one that has gone through or that is battling the horrible, annoying, heart breaking acne! With the support, love and encouragement of my amazing parents, I will never be able to repay the confidence you have both put into me. The continuous support, love and care you both put into me throughout this journey, I will never be able to thank you enough. Since I started high school, I guess you could say my hormones were out of control and with this being said, acne came to say hello… I covered it up. If I had a spot, I covered it. Until a few months, which then turned into years came around, I found myself waking up at 6.30am each morning before school and plastering makeup on. Disguising myself, hiding behind a mask. Putting on a smile, acting happy, don’t get me wrong, I was happy; but somewhere in there, I know I wasn’t myself. I lived behind a mask for at least 3 years. After years of hiding, I can finally say; I FEEL MYSELF AND I AM HAPPY. None of this could have happened without my Mum and Dad (Sam & Matthew). If it wasn’t for them; if it wasn’t for the continuous love, support and commitment towards helping me when I most needed it, I would probably still be hiding behind that mask. It took a lot for me to finally take off that make-up for the last time, go to the doctors and speak up. My doctor is a big part of this journey too, he was the one who said in a few months of the prescribed medication I will see improvement. It was my motivation. I was committed. Once I knew there was light at the end of the tunnel, and the reassurance that there is something out there to help me, I was ready for whatever came at me to see the results in the end. With this all being said, there is one woman out there I will never be able to thank enough. I walked into Malouf on the day I saw my doctor. It was the same day it was my first time going into public, in my bare skin. I was about to walk out of the chemist and the beauty consultant came over. She comforted me, she gave me on advice on the new face products in store for acne. I walked out of that shop feeling on top of the world. I felt change coming my way. Leanne, if you ever end up seeing this. You have been my rock throughout this whole journey. The first time I came to see you after the few weeks I had been using SkinB5, you were amazed with the results and that was only the first few weeks. The times I came in to see you, you always complimented me, hugged me and made me feel more and more confident each and every time. You have not only been my ‘go to pharmacist’ but you have been my best friend throughout this whole journey and I am so thankful and grateful of you. The photos attached show Day 1, Day 2, and NOW! Yet I still have a bit to go, the results are the bare truth of me then and me now. In Day 1 photo you can see from the expression on my face, the closing of my eyes, I was struggling. I was unhappy, I was upset. I felt somewhat ashamed, embarrassed. But look at me now, I have a smile on my face, I look happier, because I am happier!! I can finally take a photo, or go out in public with my hair in a messy bun and no makeup and feel on top of the world. It’s a good feeling. A great feeling. For all of the kids, teenagers and/or adults that are battling the same thing I did. Speaking up and seeking advice is one of the most important steps to getting closer to seeing better results. Its daunting, it may be scary, it’s a horrible feeling; but THERE IS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. It doesn’t last forever. THERE IS A SOLUTION TO IT ALL, there is always someone out there that is willing to help. Seek it, drive for a change, drive for the results. Seeing the results, looking back. You find yourself completely unrecognisable. The feeling is indescribable. If you read this and are battling what I did, or have friends that may be battling what I did, be there for them. Show them the results I got. On Southside Malouf Gympie, go in and speak to Leanne. Refer me, the product I use is Skin B5. For your acne situation or even just a general face wash, she will provide you with what will best suit yourself. Remember, you aren’t the only one. Hundreds, thousands of people are out there battling the same thing, it’s okay to be scared, to feel different. It’s okay. There is a place in this world for difference, for change. Strive for change. It’s all a part of growing up, and yet may it seem so painful, unfair and horrible… there is something and someone out there willing to help. If any of you ever need a talk or need a helping hand. I have battled it; I know how it feels. Trust me. I’m here for you. Just remember, you aren’t the only one & there is light at the end of the tunnel. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @hopewardd

Products Hope used

Stop acne breakouts: Acne Control Extra Strength vitamins, Acne Control Cleansing Mousse, Acne Control Moisturiser, Skin Purifying Mask with French Green Clay and Great Barrier Reed sea minerals Maintain clear complexion and reduce scarring: Acne Control Extra Strength vitamins, Clear Skin Superfood Booster, Australian Botanicals Cleansing Mousse, Australian Botanicals Hydration Essence

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