How Casey Davis completely cleared up her acne within 2 weeks

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How Casey Davis completely cleared up her acne within 2 weeks

I have always struggled with school sores. My entire body would break out in them. Every time I saw a small pimple on my chin I would know months of embarrassment and pain would follow.

I had been treating my skin with Bactroban ointment and most recently peroxide. Anything to slightly improve the fast spreading sores.

I never went anywhere without makeup which just made my skin worse and spread infection further. I am a secondary school teacher and it used to effect my connection with students, when I was experiencing a breakout I didn’t even want to look anyone in the eye.

I am now 29 and was still dealing with the same problems, convinced that I had tried everything, I would just have to deal with the breakouts as they came.

This year, by chance I had just left the beach (another effort to clear my skin in the saltwater) and went to the chemist. Barely making eye contact as usual, as I wasn’t wearing make up I didn’t want to see anyone too long.

This was the day the lovely lady at the chemist suggested Skinb5. I’d never heard of it but she sold me on the all natural ingredients, told me to take a before photo and come back and see her... she assured me I wouldn’t know myself.

She. Was. So. Right. Within two weeks of using the cleanser, moisturiser and mask my skin had COMPLETELY cleared up. Using the mask as an overnight spot treatment and putting some in my make up has been as absolute life saver.

I recommend skinb5 to anyone struggling with skin problems and have the before and after photos on my phone as no one ever believes I ever had bad skin.
- Casey D.
Thank you so much for this product, life long customer here you can’t put a price on confidence and happiness.


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