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How Kaysie Ryan overcome severe adult acne

Most of us think acne only happens to teenagers. If you are one of those lucky ones that never get a pimple or blemish during your teenage years, you may naturally think that you are one of those rare genetically blessed beings who never have to worry about skin breakouts for the rest of their lives. But we are now learning, for whatever reasons, adult-onset acne is on the rise and even described as ''like an epidemic'' by some health professionals. Adult acne can be emotionally and psychologically more devastating than teenage acne. Here is Kaysie's story, how skinB5 has helped her overcome her adult acne.

How I overcome my adult acne

"It has taken me SIX long and painful years to get my skin almost back to normal. My skin was flawless going through school, I NEVER had a skin routine and literally ate whatever i wanted. The nightmare started around my 21st birthday. I had no idea what was going on and had never really even had a pimple growing up. My face literally turned to this overnight. I tried everything under the sun from medication, spa treatments, every possible skin care routine you could think of and NOTHING worked for a solid four years. I struggled, I became really anxious about my appearance and had absolutely no confidence at all. I noticed I would have major flare ups, the acne would go extremely red, sore and itchy. It wasn't until my Mum noticed it flare up straight away after eating bread one day and suggested it may be a food intolerance. Straight away I went on a food elimination and reintroduction diet (FODMAP). By doing this I discovered I had an intolerance to Yeast. After eliminating yeast completely from my diet my face improved dramatically. I still had a few pimple problems but the acne was well and truly gone. My next challenge was the annoying hormonal pimples, and severe scarring I had. Again, I tried so many skin care products and honestly none worked. I even spent a lot of money on high end products like Dermalogica and Skinstitut and they NEVER worked. I did a lot of research myself and came across SkinB5. I started with the Extra Strength Acne Control Vitamins along with the Acne Control Cleansing Mousse and Acne Control Moisturiser . I started to see major results around the 9 weeks mark. I can honestly say this product has literally changed my life. I have been continuing the three step system now for about 15 weeks and my skin hasn't looked this good in I don't know how long. I get the occasional hormonal pimple but that is literally it. SkinB5 has given back my confidence and skin glow, something that I never thought I would ever get back. I truly am blessed that I came across SkinB5 and cannot thank you enough." - Kaysie Ryan

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