Patrizia Schlatter's skin has massively improved in 3 weeks

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Patrizia Schlatter's skin has massively improved in 3 weeksAbout a year ago, i started struggling with bad skin (closed comedones and loads of breakouts) and when things started to get worse, I decided to look for a treatment. I've found the side of SkinB5 and ordered the Extra strength acne control. I took two of them each in the morning and evening and after a bit, I've ordered the cleansing mousse as well. From the first day I used the mousse, I loved it! I have really sensitive and dry skin so I was a little concerned about it but it didn't dry out or anything. In combination with the Tablets, my skin has massively improved within the first two to three weeks. Since then, I haven't stoped using these two products and I haven't had any breakouts anymore!
- Patrizia S.


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