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Foreword by Judy Cheung-Wood, Founder of skinB5™  

We love and care about Luis like family, because over the years we have watched him overcoming teenage acne and flourishing into a confident, kind, caring, balanced young man now well into his journey as an upcoming Australian actor – did you see him in the David Jones Christmas 2020 TVC, State of Origin TVC or the Danger Close film on Netflix starring alongside Travis Fimmel (aka Ragnar Lothbrok in my favourite show Vikings)? He has recently started a wellness business as well! Oh we are just so proud of Luis!!

We first met Luis when he was 18 years old struggling with severe acne while working part-time at his local pharmacy. We learnt that he loved to perform on stage in his high school, and obviously having persistent acne really affected his self-confidence. We were able to convince him to try the skinB5 holistic system to help treat his acne.  We worked in close partnership with him and his loving mother because we understand the nervousness and scepticism to try something new.  Through using the entire skinB5™ product range, we were able to help him successfully overcome both acne and scarring.  And the rest is history.

It’s been heartwarming and humbling to be able to support Luis on his journey to regain self-confidence and wellness (both body and mind).  I hope Luis’ story can inspire you and give you hope.  For those of you who have a loved one suffering from acne, I hope Luis’s story can help you understand the deep impacts on mental health that acne can inflict on the sufferer.

I am deeply driven and passionate about helping acne sufferers, so please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you want to learn more about our integrative approach to managing acne.

SkinB5 User Australian Actor Luis Barnett on set of Netflix movie Danger Close

My Journey overcoming teenage acne
by Luis Barnett, Australian Actor

At aged 12 acne became a part of my life. By aged 13 it was starting to have an impact on the way people would treat me and also how I treated myself. Terrible to say I know, but it’s the truth. My self-esteem was crushed by people constantly asking about it, “what are you using?”, “but have you heard of this product!”, “I’ve heard that worked really well on my friend/brother/sister etc.”

It was a spiral of judgement and constant criticism. And as a young boy it took a toll on my mental health as well. I wasn’t enjoying school, I stayed mostly at home, quit the sports I used to play. Since then, over 10 years later I have learned sooo much about myself, my body, nutrition.
Although it was a painful experience in my teen years my relationship to my skin is more compassionate, nurturing and caring because I recognise it as just another part of me that I need to pay attention to otherwise it will suffer.
I was introduced to SkinB5 by a friendly coworker at a pharmacy I used to work at. I had tried many topical treatments and spent hundreds to thousands of dollars trying to figure out why my skin was so bad. Nothing seemed to work…until I tried SkinB5. It’s not an overnight thing that magically you wake up the next day and boom it’s gone, however after following the steps for some time I started to notice a significant change.

SkinB5 changed my skin but most importantly my quality of life. As crazy as it seems, I started using the product and as little as 1 month I started to see good results. By 3 months, great results. And after seriously committing to SkinB5 for 6-8 months my skin was able to heal naturally with the treatments that SkinB5 offer.
Australian actor Luis Barnett fixed severe teenage acne using skinB5 proven acne control system

I have been using SkinB5 products for over 6 years now and although my teenage acne is gone I still love the natural element to SkinB5 and still use the mask at least once per week (the best thing in the world), cleansing wash (great for shaving) and moisturiser (the best I’ve ever used). As well as the new super SkinB5 powder for all my smoothies and brekkie.

SkinB5 is different from other brand because they actually care about the people who use their product. They want to see you with glowing skin and for you to be able to achieve it naturally. And whilst skin transformation takes time, SkinB5’s short step process is easy to follow and incorporate into your daily life.

Take it from me who had chronic teenage acne; your skin is temporary in the way you look at it in the mirror. Skin is constantly changing and so is life. Don’t expect miracles overnight. Commit to SkinB5 and trust in the process.

Have someone that can keep you accountable. Eat healthy, practice yoga and have faith that things can and will get better.

There are many claims to ‘quick skin fixes’ out there, but just remember there is no overnight success story. Ever. Everything takes time. Just like if you scrapped yourself on the pavement. Skin doesn’t magically heal overnight, it takes time. Be patient. Be grateful for life. You are beautiful.
SkinB5 ambassador and Australia Actor Luis Barnett at Sydney Film Festival
SkinB5 Ambassador and Australian Actor Luis Barnett won ISA short file award
Australian Actor Luis Barnett is a SkinB5 fan and Ambassador

Luis is still using skinB5 daily to maintain his healthy clear skin.

Follow Luis Barnett on Instagram @luis_barnett

 Luis' Original Testimonial 

After 2 weeks using skinB5

Hey guys, my names Luis and just recently I’ve began the latest and greatest new product for my skin! Skin B5!

Unlike many other products that I’ve tried SkinB5 is quick and easy! I have tried literally everything and how my skin gets affected by things has become a large part of my life.

Already within the last two weeks of starting with SkinB5 I have noticed a large reduction of inflammation around my cheek bone. This was just after 2 WEEKS.

Everything is natural and non-harmful! This is what I found amazing! Normally you can come across skin products that aren’t harmful although all they do is just act like a moisturising product and not actually treat for acne. Then there are the others that fully dry your skin out and bleach your towels because of the angry chemicals, for what they believes HELPS YOUR SKIN?

All I’m saying is, I know exactly what all you acne sufferers are going through. Pain of looking in the mirror or looking at someone confidently is quite frustrating I know. But trust me on this. SkinB5 really has started showing me results within the first few weeks and as long as you become passionate with you skin and continue to do exercise and EAT VERY HEALTHY, than you are guaranteed to see rapid improvement.

Just remember to stick with it, because nothing is NEVER an overnight treatment! And to help you skin along, don’t forget to have a look at the dietary requirements that SkinB5 have on their webpage. Food is the biggest aggravation towards acne and if you follow these recommendations I promise within 2 weeks you will see a major difference as well.

Although it is a challenge that you may think will take too long, in the long run it will make you a healthier and happy person that doesn’t just look good on the outside but is happy with themselves on the inside.


Luis J Barnett


After 12 months of using skinB5

It has now been almost 12 months since I have started with SkinB5. During this time I’ve learnt the ins and outs of clear and healthy skin, not to mention a good diet. SkinB5 seriously has changed my life for good. The best thing about having good skin is the benefits you gain socially with your friends and family, feeling confident about your appearance and self-image.
Joining the SkinB5 journey was the best thing I’ve done for my skin, body and overall health. The experience and research that is given to those who use the product seriously can make a difference to many people, and it has. Ensuring that I followed all of the tips and guidelines that SkinB5 has provided for me, gave me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and experience things in life I will cherish forever. For example; this year I was a supporting actor in the broadway musical hairspray for my schools production, singing and dancing in front of 900 people. These types of events in your life only come once, and I’m so grateful that SkinB5 could help me to show the world who I am in the inside and allow me to have confidence to perform at the best of my ability. “SkinB5 really has changed my life!”


Products Luis used to clear his acne in 3 months:


What Luis uses nowadays to maintain scar free clear skin:


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