Professional Strength Acne Control Vitamins - 180 Tablets

Professional Use Only formula with SB5-BIOTRx™ to actively clear up stubborn acne breakouts. Also works for pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, congested skin, redness and scarring.
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Professional Clinics Use Only formula*

Scientifically formulated to actively clear stubborn acne, breakouts, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, skin inflammation with lasting results. A singular formula for diverse acne types, including blackheads/whiteheads, teenage acne, adult acneAlso helps reduce and lighten the appearance of scarring with daily use.

Powered by SB5-BIOTRx™, our unique patented technology harnesses the efficacy of high dose Vitamins B5+B3 and the inherent skin and inner health benefits.

Discover for yourself the combined healing powers of Vitamin B5, Vitamin B3, Folic, Zinc, Copper, Silica and Vitamin A etc to actively promote a clear complexion. SkinB5’s revolutionary 360° approach assists with sebum control and cell renewal, builds immune defense, promotes internal harmony and alleviates stress.

AUST L 366735

*Product label may look different for each country to meet local health regulations for imported products.

The complexion you deserve is well within your reach. Achieving it is more than skin deep.

While acne presents itself on the surface, the true cause of it lies deeper within our bodies. That’s why SkinB5 is scientifically formulated to target acne right at the source.

Say hello to the healthy, clear, smoother looking skin you deserve – all achieved from within.

  • CLINICIANS formula
  • Face & body
  • Daily skin health
  • Decrease congested skin pores
  • Enhance immunity
  • Reduce symptoms of stress
  • Promote skin repair
  • Assists healthy hair & nails
  • Relieve skin inflammation
  • 100% Australian Developed (patented), Made & Owned

Frequently Asked Questions

SkinB5 is actually the most awarded wellness-led skincare brand globally. We're all about focusing on innovative science-backed formulations that bring results. That's how SkinB5 has earned its reputation. Health professionals, including dermatologists, dermal clinicians, pharmacists, doctors and naturopaths recognise our unique holistic approach that really works.

Absolutely! If you're aiming for better skin texture, smaller pores, and a more resilient skin, as well as healthier hair and nails, taking just one high potency SkinB5 Vitamins tablet daily is your powerful beauty hack for that refined, natural glow - plus it fights premature ageing by supporting healthy skin cells. And for an all-in-one collagen and gut health booster, SkinB5 Superfood is your skin's bestie on the inside. Our skincare products? They're all about protecting your skin barrier. Perfect for those who want simple yet effective skincare to keep their skin healthy and clear. Our customers often get the whole family hooked on SkinB5 products - sharing or squabbling included!

While we don't provide a formal money-back guarantee since personal care and beauty products vary in effectiveness for each individual, if SkinB5 doesn't meet your expectations, please contact us. We'll strive to address your concerns to the best of our ability.

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