SkinB5™ products are available through reputable pharmacies, health food stores, dermatologists, naturopaths, beauty clinics, online retailers and our websites.

Purchasing from an authorised seller ensures the safety, quality and efficacy of your SkinB5™ products. To find authorised sellers near you, please visit our Store Locator. We recommend that you contact them to reserve your favourite SkinB5™ products before visiting the stores.

SkinB5™ is committed to providing highest quality products to our consumers around the globe. We carefully select our retailers and we strongly encourage you to purchase only through SkinB5™ or our authorised retailers to ensure you always receive authentic, high quality SkinB5™ products.

Although it is tempting to buy from unauthorised sellers that have SkinB5™ products at lower prices, buying the bargain may come with some additional costs. When a product is purchased from unauthorised sellers, risks that can arise include product that is expired, discontinued, improperly stored and shipped, or counterfeit. You can also email to verify whether a reseller is authorised by SkinB5™ .