5 Ways to Stay Acne-Free This Holiday!

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1. Eat healthy.
There really is no substitute for maintaining a balanced diet, even over this tempting Christmas Season. Remember, just because there is a plethora of delicious foods at Christmas parties- this does not mean you have to try them all. If you find yourself being lured to Christmas delights a little too often, remember to eat slowly. Research tells us, there can be a 15-minute delay before the stomach and the brain interact to let the body know it is full. If you eat too quickly, you are more likely to over-eat. Let us remind ourselves Christmas is a jovial Season intended for camaraderie with friends and family. A treat every now and then is alright, but don’t let Christmas treat binges spoil your Christmas cheer…or your complexion!
2. Drink plenty of water. Our skin easily gets dehydrated and oily due to the weather changes, so drinking water not only helps to hydrate the skin but also to balance it out and flush out the pores. As is the case with moderating food, make sure you consume a healthy amount of liquids, and try to replace soft drinks with water. The sugar content of fizzy drinks will only lead to increased acne. 3. Get a good nights sleep. I know you might be tempted to be rocking around the Christmas tree all night, and truly this Season is an exciting one for us all. Nevertheless, not only does sleep deprivation lead to exhaustion and therefore hinders us from enjoying Christmas festivities, it also increases inflammation, which leads to acne. Christmas Eve might be an anxious night for the children around the world, but let’s try not to let acne steal Christmas! 4. Sunscreen. This might seem like a bizarre tip, but in the warmer months our skin is more susceptible to drying out. Our sebaceous glands compensate by producing oils and further secretion of sebum, which creates oily layers on our skin. This leaves us vulnerable to acne. If we are to protect our skin from drying out, using mediums such as sunscreen, our skin will be less likely to produce large amounts of unwanted oils. 5. Your skin isn’t on a break. Don’t get lazy. The rest of the Western world might be relaxing themselves during this Christmas Season, but it’s still paramount that you use your regular skin treatments and don’t give acne a room to breathe. Keep the fight up, and combined with these other tips- you should be able to enjoy a healthy, Merry, Acne-Free Christmas!
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