Acne After Twenty—How it can affect you into middle age middle age acne

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If you think you’ve escaped acne forever once your teenage years are gone, think again. Acne isn’t only a problem faced by teenagers these days! Believe it or not, acne can persist throughout an entire person’s life and is a common problem among middle-aged women especially. According to a study at the Massachusetts General Hospital, “45% of women aged 21-30, 26% aged 31-40, and 12% aged 41-50 had clinical acne.” Those are quite shocking numbers for a disorder that is commonly considered as affecting teens only. There are many factors that can contribute to acne, but no one quite knows what causes acne in adults. Factors such as diet, amount of skin oil production, hormones and stress can all influence acne severity. Doctors suspect that hormones may be the leading cause of acne in middle aged women. “As women age, their levels of androgens


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