Aloe Vera Natural Acne Treatment

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Aloe Vera is a miracle plant! You may have used it to treat a sunburn before, or have heard of its healing properties, but what not many people know is that it also doubles as an effective natural acne treatment. Our SkinB5 cleanser and moisturiser are packed with Aloe, but a little more in your skincare routine can only help. Here are some do it yourself tips to harness the acne-destroying powers of Aloe Vera! 1. Apply Aloe to problem areas. If you’ve ever used Aloe to treat sunburned skin, you are surely aware of its cooling sensation. But why put the Aloe gel away when the sunburn is gone? Try rubbing Aloe Vera on acne lesions or breakout areas before going to bed and in the morning. It will reduce swelling, inflammation and redness while making your skin feel cool and soft. 2. Drink it up! Aloe can be applied externally to treat problem spots on the skin, but its benefits don’t stop there. Drinking Aloe juice can further its skin soothing and anti-acne benefits. Start out with 2-4 ounces, twice a day. You can purchase Aloe juice at health food stores (be sure to check the concentration and purity) or make your own with a few Aloe leaves and a juicer. 3. Take it from the source. Like any natural substance, the purer your Aloe Vera is the more effective it will be as a natural acne treatment. The best Aloe comes straight from the source; the Aloe plant. You can easily pick a leave, wash the surface and cut the skin off revealing pure Aloe goodness ready for topical application or juicing. If you don’t have access to an Aloe plant, Aloe Vera gel and juice can be purchased at many specialty stores. Look for a brand with a pure concentration of Aloe (97% or more) and no added sugar.
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