Benzoyl Peroxide – is it Safe?

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Benzoyl Peroxide is one of the most common acne treatments and found in many prescription and over the counter medications. Often considered the go-to acne medication this treatment has been around for decades. Though it is one of the most popular treatments many people aren’t aware of the risks and side effects Benzoyl Peroxide has. Benzoyl Peroxide acne treatments essentially work by burning the surface of the skin to eliminate acne, and side effects include excessive dryness, blistering and even bleaching your hair! Is this really something you want to be applying to your face? So how does it work? Basically build up of debris and bacteria called Propionibacteria acnes (P acnes) under your skin cause acne. P acnes can’t survive in an oxygen rich environment so Benzoyl Peroxide works by introducing oxygen and chemicals into skin follicles killing bacteria and cleaning away debris and dead skin cells. This reduces blocked pores and acne breakouts but dries out your skin and can be an unpleasant experience. Though you may be told of all of the great results Benzoyl Peroxide produces, be weary of the side effects and consider if you really want to use this treatment on your skin. Common side effects of the chemical include -Severe dryness -A burning sensation -Peeling -Itching -Redness and irritation -Swelling These reactions are not what you are looking for in a skin treatment and will deteriorate the health of your skin often more so than the acne will. If you experience any of these side effects you should discontinue use and see a doctor or dermatologist to find a better skin care solution. Not only does Benzoyl peroxide cause frequent side effects there are many other reasons to decide against the chemical treatment. -It bleaches your clothes and towels, hair and eyebrows -Skin becomes so dry it can cause premature aging -It slows the healing of your skin -It is rated in category 3 by the Food and Drug Administration meaning the safety is -‘unknown.’ -It eliminates the top layer of skin making it more liable to sun damage. -It is tested on animals If the mention of chemical didn’t put you off enough think clearly about whether you want a product that can bleach you hair and clothes applied to the sensitive skin on your face. While many people swear by Benzoyl Peroxide as an acne preventative keep in mind it literally burns your skin and doesn’t treat the problem at the source, but rather covers it up. More natural acne treatments such as SkinB5 are the way to go as they are a safer and healthier option and produce great results naturally.
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