What foods to avoid for healthier Acne free skin

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What foods to avoid for healthier skin is a never ending question. We’ve all heard the saying “you are what you eat,” and in terms of our food intake and keeping our skin healthy, this couldn’t be more accurate. Lots of our favourite foods contain refined sugars which lead to spikes in insulin. An increase of insulin into the body causes an elevated level of sebum, causing the skin to break out. What we eat can not only affect the increase of breakouts, but also the overall appearance of our skin. So what food groups affect us in what ways?

Sugar rich food:

When I say sugar based food I’m talking about refined sugars. Natural sugars present in fruit is very good for us. Refined sugars are found in our favourite bubbly beverages, lollies and heavily starched bread (white loaves.) Refined sugars can cause inflammation throughout the body, from increases in insulin that break down the collagen and elastin. Inflammation in the body causes the body to react and essentially creating Acne. If you need a way to satisfy your sugar cravings without the nasty processed sugars, opt for fruits, dark chocolate, and nuts (that also satisfy your salt cravings too!). We previously talked about some surprising sugar culprits.

Salty foods and fatty proteins:

We’re probably all well aware that salty foods and fatty proteins aren’t good for our skin or health, but there are ways to fulfill our cravings without yielding our skin to breakouts or dullness. Salt makes the skin retain water, making the skin become puffy and bloated, whereas iodised salt (good for preventing iodine deficiency) when ingested in high doses, leads to aggravated breakouts. So what can you do to satisfy your cravings without the nasty side- effects of salt and fat? Eat foods naturally loaded with vitamins and minerals rich in Vitamins A and C; leafy greens, citrus fruits, and sweet potato.

I love you Dairy but you're so bad for me:

Dairy is a core food group in most diets, (I know it is in mine) but in reality, it is really not that great for your skin. This promotes increased blood levels of androgen; androgen is a male sex hormone (e.g. testosterone) and with an imbalance of hormones comes Acne. Increased androgen leads to excess oil production which essentially leads to those nasty breakouts. It’s unfair to say cut out dairy completely, it really depends on your skin and how your body responds to an increase in hormones. Luckily there are some ways you can lower your dairy intake and save your skin from breakouts. Coconut, almond, soy or rice based dairy products serve as the perfect alternative to regular dairy substances! Read more about SkinB's take on all things dairy. With all this information keep in mind that everyone’s skin is different and certain foods may or may not affect you. Don’t stress if your diet isn’t the best, there are lots of ways to address underlying vitamin and nutritional deficiencies. Having a good diet is key for clear skin. Combine your efforts with SkinB5’s Natural Acne Control System which uses natural, vegan and cruelty-free nutrients and vitamins to make the most long-term effective Acne treatment.
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