Do men grow out of acne?

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That’s what my dermatologist said… about five years ago, and I’m still waiting.

Whilst I’ve enjoyed fluctuations between periods of clear skin and just plain awful, I’ve always held onto the idea that it’ll end at some point. Magically I will wake up at the mystic age when it all goes away.

Maybe it's yet to happen because I lie about my age?

When I stop throwing 21st birthday parties and accept that I’m in my mid-twenties, my body will reward me by giving me clear, beautiful and datable skin. Good.

If the cynicism in my writing isn’t strong enough, I will state something quite obvious, although maybe not apparent enough for my former dermatologist- adult men have acne too. A silver lining, however, is that the most masculine of men, bodybuilders, are often susceptible to acne. So we’re in strong company. Punny, I know. Bodybuilders take large volumes of supplements and hormones, which can cause nutritional and hormonal imbalances, specifically excessive androgens such as testosterone, contributing to the emergence of acne. Their rigorous training doesn’t help either, as they sweat excessively, should they not be able to clean and clear their skin afterward, it is possible to then develop breakouts as a result. Compounding this, many men in their resistance to what they may perceive to be overly cosmetic treatments will simply pop, squeeze and pick pimples in an attempt to remove them.

No. Refrain from that, as you can then enjoy the bacteria from these being pushed deeper into the skin.

This can then spread to other pores, inflame other pimples and cause cysts. Then you’re facing a bigger problem.

A targeted approach which treats skin from within is necessary. Whilst people as disciplined as bodybuilders may have excellent diets that are tailored to their needs, they may still be lacking the essential vitamins and minerals for the health of their skin. SkinB5 contains a potent dose of clear skin nutrients, namely Vitamin B, which address the nutritional imbalances in the body that cause the overproduction of sebum, and the painful condition of acne.

Men are really good at ignoring their problems, and few want their masculinity challenged by using what they might think of as beauty products. However if bodybuilders are taking these tablets, and using cleanser (not unlike soap, really) when they shower, I think the average man can too. Besides, this isn’t cosmetics, it’s treatment.

Who is Nick Bell? Nick joins SkinB5 as a writer, contributing monthly to the blog.A mid-twenties Melburnian cliche, the bearded student suffers wanderlust, a soft spot of his city's cafe culture and a love of cycling. He writes from experience, having suffered acne himself throughout both high school and university, and it's something he still battles today. Nick also writes a personal blog where he is documenting his journey for clear skin with SkinB5, having previously given up after years of ineffective products and medications.
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